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Valorant Esports Betting Guide June 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top Valorant esports betting sites on the market and put them in one place.
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No first-person shooter (fps) game is as well-structured and styled as Valorant. This video game made its mark within a short time of debuting in the esports space. One big draw of it is simplicity. Even if you aren’t familiar with shooting games initially, playing this game is both fun-filled and simple. Although it came from the same developer as League of Legends (Riot Games), Valorant is unique in a way that it allows players to choose their abilities and play in a different game mode

Valorant, First Person Shooting Game by Riot Games
Valorant, First Person Shooting Game by Riot Games

Since you are here, we know you want to start playing for money with your Valorant gaming skills. Then, you are on the right page. Monstergames is here to ensure you find the top esports betting platforms and have the best experience in gambling. 

You should also know that Valorant isn’t the only popular and fun-filled shooting video game. Online games like Overwatch, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and others will have you coming for more. 

Although there are similarities between these fps games, Valorant stands out because:

  • Designed with the player’s interest in mind
  • Simple and intuitive to play
  • It’s Free!
  • It has tournaments and competitions offering insane prizes
  • We heard the community can be toxic, so watch out for yourself and keep your boundaries firm.

Now that you know why you should give this esports game a try, let’s dive in!

The Finest Valorant Betting Sites in 2022

To save your time and ensure you aren’t on the razor’s edge, we have a comprehensive list of the top Valorant betting sites. But of course, we want you to be pleased as punch, so we didn’t only select sites that give exclusive bonuses but are also licensed.

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How To Start Betting On Valorant

This section is all about helping you get a jump start to playing Valorant for real money. You learn how the game works, the kinds of bets available, and betting tips to win big.

How The Game Works

Simply put, Valorant is an interesting team-based FPS shooting game. Like Counter-Strike, this video game involves a 5vs5 gameplay with numerous battlefields in varying layouts and styles. When starting the game, you must choose a character, otherwise called an “agent.” These agents have special abilities, including charging through objectives, orbs, deaths, or kills. They also have one ultimate ability that you can take advantage of during the gameplay. 

You can unlock more agents with even greater abilities as you progress through the game. There are so far 18 agents you can choose from in the game, but only 5 are available initially, and you will have to earn the rest as you go. Here are the 5 agents you get to play when you first start:


It is a tactical commando with many firepowers, including the ability to use smoke grenades and command an airstrike.


Voted as one of the most popular agents in 2022 for a reason. She doesn’t do much outside the smoke grenade but can jump as high as a kite with high skills.


This agent is an explosive pyromancer with the ability to control combat using fire. In fact, he can make a wall like a flash grenade. As his name implies, he has the ultimate power to fight, die and revive.


It is the only “Healer” with a defense-focused kit in Valorant. She has a healing orb to heal her companions. Sage uses ice to dodge enemies and the wall to promote allies.


Sova is another popular agent you can select from the get-go. He is an expert in shooting arrows to bounce off enemies and kill them in seconds. Sova also has a compact owl to track his opponents anywhere. Additionally, he can fire three shots even on the thickest walls.

Other popular agents loved by players include Chamber, Reyna, and Viper

How can you unlock more Valorant agents?

As far as we know, there are two ways players can use to unlock the more Valorant agents. Often, you get the first 5 agents once you download the game, but you need to keep playing to unwrap the rest of the agents. First, check the main menu. When you start playing, you will see two circles in the upper left corner of the page. While one of the circles ignites the battle pass, the other is to level the system that unlocks other brave agents. Once you are on level 5 or 10, you will be automatically prompted to select another agent. After that, you only need to decide whether or not to unlock a new agent.

If this option is not available on the website, you can choose a second method. Note! When you start playing, you get the first two agents. Then, select the Agent submenu bar under the Collection tab in the main menu to unlock the rest. You will be prompted to activate the contract for the third agent. After that, just continue to play and earn XP. Once you are on level 5, you can get the next agent. If you don’t like waiting, you have an in-game paid option for easy access to other Valorants agents using points.

Valorant is also available in different game modes, the most common being:


If you’re a beginner, the 12 players’ free-for-all deathmatch is the easiest to get you started. You can prepare for big games by trying out weapons and studying plots. In this mode, the player has a short life and can respawn in a short time. All players are equipped with the weapon of choice to kill all enemies. However, the first player to reach 40 kills, or the player with the most kills in 9 minutes, wins the game. Other types of deathmatch game modes are: 

Escalation (team death-match)

This is the 5v5 Valorant team’s deathmatch game mode. The goal is to be the first team to complete Level 12. Each team can also win the match if they level up above their opponent before the 10-minute timer expires.

Snowball Fight

Another deathmatch mode where the first team to achieve 50 kills in Snowball Launcher wins the game. Each team will receive 750 XP for each round completed in this game, and the winning team will receive an additional 150 XP. Note! Weapons in this mode fire dangerous projectile-based snowballs.


In this mode, you will have to decide whether you want to attack or defend the map. If you choose to be on the attacker’s end, your objective would be to wipe out your enemy by planting the Spike. The spike is a bomb-like device used to eliminate your enemy. Your opponent will need to ensure you don’t plant the bomb in their territory. Other Plant and Defuse Valorant types include:


A standard mode of Valorant Plant / Diffuse. This game features 12 rounds of attack or defense. If the game reaches a score of 12-12, the first team to reach 13 rounds wins the game.


This is a bit more tactical than the unrated mode. Both teams compete to reach a certain rank. When the game scores reach 12-12, the game is overtime and the first person to win the lead in the second round wins the game. After that, both teams can vote for the game.


Replication is a 5v5 Bo9 mode. Each player selects the agent they want and the game randomly chooses one. Then all players are given the same agent if they’re in the same team.

Spike Rush 

This Plant / Defuse game mode is a Bo7 5v5 Valorant game type. All players start each round in this mode with the same random weapon. In addition, random bullets will also appear on the map, allowing players to protect themselves and weaken their enemies. The game lasts only for 8-12 minutes.

Types of Bets

Valorant match result
Valorant match result

Like other esports games, there are several Valorant betting options. Some of the major bet types include:

Match winner

Match winner bet option is one of the most popular betting systems in the industry. It’s all about choosing the agent or team with a higher potential of winning a match. If the team wins the duel, you make your profits. So we can easily say it is easy to learn. 

You only need to wager on whether the attacker or the defender wins. Whether the match is played at BO5, BO3, or BO1, any team that destroys the other becomes the match-winner.

Map Winner

As the name suggests, this wagering option involves placing bets on a team that you think will win on a map. The map can be a battlefield or a round. If you win the map and lose other rounds, you will still take home the bacon. 

First Blood

This wager type involves betting on an agent or a team that will draw the first blood. You lose the bet if the opposing team draws blood ahead of your selected group. You make this bet also on rounds. 

Spike Plant

This bet type isn’t as common as the ones mentioned above. However, it is still one of the most interesting wagering systems. It is all about hoping that the attacker will plant a bomb on the defending end. If the agents cannot plant the Spike till the end of the round, you lose the bet

Total Rounds

There are about 26 rounds in every Valorant esports game. This wager type involves betting on the total number of rounds it will take the winning team to destroy the opposition. But remember that the team with the first 13 rounds wins is the champion


Besides esports, you will find this betting style in sportsbooks and casino spaces. This betting system predicts the number of points a team will accumulate after every round. If you believe that the points will be less than the average or point limit, your bet type is under. In the other case, if you think the points will be above the limit, then your wager option is over. 

Player vs. Player Kills

This bet type is one of the unique wagering systems available in the Valorant space. Although it is an interesting betting method, it is not available on a live betting system. It involves wagering on a player to kill a particular number of agents or a specific agent on the map

Players with Most Kills

Another common bet type is the players with the most skills. It involves wagering on a player to eliminate more agents than any other player in the match. Like the previous betting system, this market is also unavailable on live betting markets. But it has higher winning chances than the previous one since you only need to predict the death count. CSGO also have similar bet type to this one but instead of betting on individual player’s kill, you bet on the team’s total kill.


This betting system predicts that the duel will end in a draw. Suppose the match ends in a 13:13 win round out of the 26 maps, the game will continue until one of the teams leads by 2 points. This wagering system comes with higher and greater risk, but the return for this game is very attractive. 

Valorant Live Betting

One of the fascinating features of esports is the live betting option. Players don’t need to make hastened or unhealthy decisions before the match begins. Instead, you can wait for the competition to kick start, study the agents, and wager. 

Like other top esports games, Valorant betting also gives room to wager on in-play games. You don’t have to possess any professional knowledge to participate. Once you are familiar with the game, using this option becomes a piece of cake. 

You can wait till the attacker plants the bomb on the defender’s end. Then you place a bet on whether the bomb will explode or be defused. Punters can also choose to wager on a particular team with little or no hope of winning the match. This kind of bet comes with insane odds. And if it worked as you predicted, you win the bet. If you’re keen on live betting, other esports like LOL also offers a live betting option. Back to talking about odds, the next section is for you players who aren’t familiar with how the odd system works. 

Valorant Betting Odds

Your preparation to bet on Valorant for real money is incomplete without knowing how its odds system works. So, that is what we brought to you in this section. The Decimal odds are the most popular odds system for Valorant betting. They also offer the American odds, but it isn’t as popular as the former

A big draw about the Decimal odds is its simplicity. You can calculate it by multiplying your stake by the number of odds available for the match. The total is what you get if you win the bet. 

How about we take an illustration here? If you place a $100 bet on the attacking team to destroy the defending team with 5 in odds. You will earn $500, which is $100 x 5=$500 as profit. 

Remember that each Valorant betting site offers different odds. It is crucial for you to only go for platforms with attractive and best odds. Don’t forget that betting is a game of chance. Even if you sign up on the best gaming site, you might not always win every round. After all, these betting sites are also here to make money. 

Betting Tips

The Valorant meta is a vital place to explore. Study each character, what makes them unique and how they function. Without knowing the gameplay, your chances of winning bets are limited. Never place your wager without playing the game first. You should also keep a tab on professional players and how they stream this game. 

Punters need to be familiar with their favorite team’s recent form and performances. If their performances have been below par lately, you might want to switch teams. Where possible, check the team’s record against their current opponent in the past

Don’t ignore any changes in your team’s organization. Also, you should follow the latest team news before you place any bet. 

Staying Up To Date With Valorant Betting Scenes

Whether you are a new or professional gamer, it is important to keep up to date with major happenings in the Valorant betting scenes. You should know the available tournaments, the biggest prizes offered, and if there are Valorant world championships.

Let’s start with the tournaments available. When Valorant launched a few years ago, it had no tournaments. Most of the competitions like Electronic Sports League, WePlay! And Nerd Street Gamers were all third-party owned. Today, Riot can boast of a few numbers of competitions for its fans. The first of its kind is the First Strike launched in major world regions. The prize is as high as $100,000 for Europe and North American players for this tournament. 

In 2020, one of the biggest competitions in the esports space was launched, named Valorant Champions Tour, available for a whole year.

This year we are all looking forward to having another huge champion’s tour. But as announced by the brands, it would be a special edition this time. Unlike before, there would be two unique stages this time. Two Challengers events would be available alongside a single master’s event for every stage. The brand will announce the winner in September after the tournament. 

You should also know that this brand offers higher and bigger prize pools every year. For the 2021 edition, the total prize is close to $1,500,000 for the three stages. Punters who don’t prefer the Valorant Champions Tour can participate in the smaller VCT Game Changers tournament. 


We can all agree that everything on Valorant is designed to ensure you have an interesting gaming time while still making lots of profits. However, your objective should be having fun instead of making a fortune. That’s why you need to start small. If you’re already familiar with other esports games, you can trade CSGO skins or start gambling with Rust skins first. Once you get the hang of it, you can decide to start playing with real money. Go ahead and enjoy your gaming experience but we advise you to bet responsibly. 


Can you make money with Valorant Betting?

Yes, you can make a lot of money with Valorant betting, whether you are a professional or a new player. Besides being a simple game to play, it is also accompanied by many promotions and bonuses. Don’t forget there are many interesting Valorant tournaments with big prizes for you.

Is it legal in the USA?

Like traditional sports, Valorant betting is also under the restriction of law. Although betting in many states in the US is prohibited, this doesn’t stop you from wagering on this game. The most important thing is to find a betting site that is safe and licensed, and you can check our list of recommended esports betting sites. If you reside in the US, the best way to access this game is to sign up on gaming sites outside your country using a VPN. Then, you can start playing and winning big because no other law particularly restricted Valorant betting.

Is there a strategy to win a bet?

Honestly, there isn’t any specific strategy to win a bet since gambling is unpredictable. However, there are tips and techniques to boost your winning chances. We discussed a few in this post, so you can always check them out.

What are the most popular Valorant teams?

Common Valorant teams include Acend, Gambit, Sentinels, Team Liquid, KRU Esports, Fnatic, Cloud9, Team Envy, DRX Visions Striker, and Team Secret.

Can you use cryptocurrency or PayPal to bet?

Many Valorant sites allow punters to deposit or withdraw in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many other options. Another popular and acceptable payment method is the PayPal gift card.