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Top DOTA 2 Match Betting Sites in April 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top DOTA2 esports betting sites on the market and put them in one place.
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According to Steam charts, DotA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) has a staggering average of 442,777.0 players per month with peaks of up to 750,196.  Today it boasts just under 11 million active players globally with innumerable professional teams woven within. And yes, you are probably in there too. 

DotA 2 was developed and published by Valve and is the sequel to the hugely popular, community-created mod Warcraft III, developed for Blizzard Entertainment. With regular updates which accompany the constant evolution of the gameplay, its features, heroes, items and abilities, DotA 2 takes the podium among video games for its uniquity and array.

DOTA2 tournament at ESL One, Birmingham
DotA2 tournament at ESL One, Birmingham, 2020

It is undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) games within the eSports spectrum today, along with Rust, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and League of Legends. As well as one of the highest paying platforms in the gaming industry with hundreds of tournaments every year and prize pools in the range of up to €31 million. However, with a complex game such as this you can also 

Now, this is where this article will be your guide to all that there is to know about the process of betting, and more, on one of the most fascinating esports titles. 

Look no further and read on for all the details.

The Finest DOTA2 Betting Sites In 2022

To ensure a great gambling experience with a complex game such as DotA 2 there are many aspects which you will need to get yourself acquainted with. These include match betting, different types of esports gambling markets and odds, types of bets, DotA 2 teams and much more

Slightly overwhelming right? Fret not because we’ve done all the work for you. 

Aside from the obvious necessity to gain a deeper understanding of the game (which you can find below), the other critical aspect for DotA 2 gambling is choosing the most reliable eSports betting site.

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In order to assist you in doing just that, we at MonsterGames have taken into account many crucial aspects when compiling a list of sites, we are pleased to suggest to our readers. Among the many characteristics we thoroughly researched, so were the ones indicated below:

Variety of betting markets

From betting on the outcome of a tournament, to the first kill of the match, to in-play betting, pre-match betting, all combined and everything in between, the array of betting markets available to DotA 2 fans is truly astounding. Whatever your preference may be, there is no lack of thrill. The choice is yours and rest assured you will be spoilt for options, DotA 2 is unique in its ample offer of betting markets.

DotA 2 event coverage

Having the opportunity to place bets on the various events held throughout the year is the key ingredient to unlock the full extent of the DotA experience. Whether it’s Seattle’s International, ESL One, OGA DotA PIT, BTS Pro Series or the DotA Pro Circuit tournaments, these events will provide the best opportunity to place wagers on all the great markets out there and rest assured that a reputable bookmaker will provide you access to them.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Once more, the most reputable bookmakers will be pleased to offer their clients a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to choose from so as to cater to everyone’s needs. These include bank card payments, prepaid cards (PayPal gift cards), e-wallets, cryptocurrency and bank transfers.

Bonuses and promotions

Among gambling sites there is stiff competition over clients and this is often expressed in terms of bonuses and promotions. Different websites will offer competitive bonuses and promotions on order to attract and maintain clients, so why not take advantage of this feature? No reason not to, unless it sounds too good to be true, in which case you are better off consulting well the terms and conditions of the offer and evaluating the website as a whole before going ahead with signing up. 

Having said all that, rest assured that the sites we indicate have been thoroughly analysed and represent the safest, licensed and legitimate sites that offer unique bonuses and promotions!

How To Start Betting On DOTA2

Due to the sheer complexity of DotA 2, betting on it is just as complex. For both more expert gamblers and newbies, this will offer a small recap of the most relevant aspects you will need to know in order to get the best out of betting on this exceptional game. If you are new to DotA 2 betting then here are all the basics.

How the game works

Once more the complexity of this incredible strategy game is immense, therefore, in a nutshell: 

As with most multiplayer games played in the eSports domain, DotA 2 is played in two teams each consisting of 5 players. Each team controls one of the two bases known as the Ancient which are located on opposite sides of the board. The aim of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Ancient which is located in a stronghold protected by multiple towers, spread down the three routes available to reach the Ancient.  

With each team controlling one of the two bases (Ancient) on either side of the map, the players must unite to form a powerful enough army to conquer the region and reach the objective, making team coordination and tactical decisions, essential ingredients for success. 

Each player controls a hero of choice and is able to collect experience points and gold. Gold can be acquired in different ways; by killing Creeps, enemy heroes or neutral Creeps, as well as by destroying enemy buildings. This gold can then be used to buy items which will help increase the chance of winning. 

Just getting there.


Needless to say, Heroes are crucial elements of the game and can gravely influence the outcome. This is because there are different types of heroes a player may choose from and each have different attributes; agility, strength and intelligence. There are 38 different agility heroes, 40 strength heroes and 43 intelligence heroes a player may choose from.

Agility heroes are refined characters, swift and dexterous that can deal high-speed attacks and enhance their weapons.

Strength heroes are the toughest endurance fighters. They are hard to kill as they have maximum health and health regeneration ability. This feature makes them great initiators in fights and tank roles as they can take the most damage.

Intelligence heroes rely on wit and wisdom, using these attributes to deal damage to enemies as well as helping others. Some may also use magical powers to boost their attacks.


In Dota, creeps are known as “basic units”. In other words, by exclusion, a creep is every other unit which isn’t a hero, a building, a ward or a courier (an animal unit that transports purchased items from the shops to the heroes). Creeps can belong to a fraction, be neutral or be player-controlled units. 

Their most relevant features are;

They have fixed stats (in that they remain unaltered by experience and are unable to level up), until the opposite team’s barracks are defeated and they become “mega-creeps” which are substantially stronger.

Heroes can kill creeps and gain both experience and gold from them. 


In-game equipment in Dota are known as items and these supply heroes with additional attributes and special abilities. Most items may be purchased in the several shops located on the game map and paid for with the gold owned by the hero. There are two secret shops, one per territory, in which you may purchase special items. These items may be delivered by couriers. 

Other items may be dropped randomly by creeps around the map and thus collected.

Heroes may hold up to 15 items; six are slotted in their inventory, three are kept in their backpack and another six are in their stash.

Types of bets

The sheer variety of bets bookmakers offer on DotA makes betting as fascinating as playing the game itself. 

In fact, DotA 2 is great for all level gamblers as you may just wish to wager on who is going to win the match and enjoy the game, or you may wish to apply your knowledge of the game to make more complex predictions, placing more than one bet and ride the odds. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular Dota 2 betting markets. 

Match winner 

Simple yet always among the most entertaining, your task will be that of guessing who the winner of the match will be and bet on them

Map winner 

As the teams battle it out for total domination of the map, offering them a greater chance of winning, you will place a bet on DotA’s map winner.


This bet essentially offers you the option of predicting whether an overall number of a particular indicator will be greater or smaller than the pre-established parameter. For example, total number of creeps killed, total kills more generally, etc.

First blood 

Any ideas on who will shed the first blood in a match? Then place your bet on the possible outcome. This type of bet is the most common of the ‘first to…’ markets available

First to… 

Along with the options above, are a type of market in which you bet on who/what will be the first to do a specific action/event. For example, some betting sites offer first to kill Roshan (the neutral monster), the first tower destroyed, first to reach a specific number of kills, etc.

As you can see there is fun for everyone and Dota 2 betting options cover much more than just wagering on who is going to win the match!

Pre-Match Betting

Well, there is no denying that pre-match betting (placing bets before the match begins) is the most popular DotA 2 betting market, as it is for other traditional sports. However, nowadays you may place a pre-match bet not only on “match winner” as it was some years back, but rather on just about anything on offer.  

Pre-match betting odds are offered by bookmakers, and these provide great opportunities for customers to evaluate the match and bet on its specifics.

How to do so is straightforward, you will be able to place your bet/s on the various events that will take place. This can be done both on pre-match odds as well as outright odds.

It’s worth noting that bookmakers are unlikely to change the odds before a match begins, therefore pre-match odds are pretty set. 

In-Play Betting

In-play betting is when bets are placed after the match has begun. There are three phases in which to place bets during a match, these will be evident on the bookmaker’s website as you follow the live game and can be distinguished into the following:

  • Early game betting: in the very early stages of the game information on the heroes chosen by the  players will be divulged. As will information on the possible strategies they might choose to adopt. Given this information the odds may rocket and this could represent a good opportunity to try and predict who will be the first to do an action, such as first to kill. 
  • Mid-game betting: by this time you will have gained a feel for the match and it is a good opportunity to place bets on how you predict the game might evolve. For example, betting on who will be the first to capture an outpost or even attempt to predict the winner of the match. At this point the odds are likely to still be high therefore favourable.
  • End game betting: towards the end of the game it is important to keep an eye out for who has accrued more gold and items as these will play a crucial role in determining the winner. It may also be a good time to place a bet on which player will have the highest number of kills.

Live Betting

The excitement and adrenaline rise you get from watching events unfold during a DotA 2 match remains unparalleled for its fans. Live/in-play betting consists in placing bets after the match has begun and, unlike pre-match odds, the odds here are constantly changing as a result of the developments of the game. Consequently, it can be highly profitable if you have a keen eye for team drafts. 

However, it ought to be said that this form of betting is also heavily reliant on attention to detail, fast decision-making abilities, a good knowledge of the game, the history of DotA 2 teams’ performance and the newest tendencies in game strategies.

Sounds like a lot? The more acquainted gamblers among the readers will know that with experience these observations will become second nature. Therefore, sit back and enjoy this exciting new betting adventure resting assured you have all the knowledge you will need right here in these lines.

On a more practical note, look for the live betting section on a bookmaker’s site, follow the live game broadcast and you will be able to place various DotA bets during the game.

Betting Odds

Allow me to burst your bubble and remind you that betting is a business much like any other and bookmakers are out to make a profit just like the next person. It is therefore important to consider the selection of odds any bookmaker site provides and, in order to gain a better understanding, let’s take a closer look and differentiate them:

American odds 

These odds are characterized by a “+” or “-” sign that will be placed in front of a number and which will differentiate the favoured team and the underdogs in a match. The favourites will have a “-” sign before the number while the underdog will have “+” sign.

Decimal odds 

These types of odds are mostly utilized in European countries and Australia. They indicate a range between 1.01 and 1.75 which will likely determine the favored team. Whereas anything above 1.75 will determine the less favoured team, the underdog. By multiplying the odds by your wager you will calculate what your pay-out could be.

Fractional odds 

With fractional odds the number will be indicated in the form of a fraction. For example, if a team is indicated with odds of 7/10, wagering €100 will win you a profit of €70. This is calculated as follows: 100 x 7/10 = €70. 

There are other more niche forms of odds, such as Hong Kong, however the ones mentioned above are the most frequent odds you will encounter. 

Betting Tips

With the complexity of this game and the myriad of options available to bet on, these tips will assist you in taking the best possible informed decision:

Know the game

One of the best tips to enhance your experience and ensure you clearly understand what is going on in the game, is to play the game yourself. This way you would get the best out of both worlds; partake in one of the most exciting games around and become a better gambler.

Know the teams and do your research

One of the best ways to improve your betting skills is to have a thorough knowledge of the teams that compete in DotA events and tournaments which you are betting on. Consequently, based on your understanding of a teams’ history and form, your ability to make decisions will be more informed and could substantially affect the outcome of your bet.

It is also important to keep an eye out for emerging new teams as these often come with great odds should they succeed. So do your research and don’t rely solely on dominant teams as this can net you a stable profit but will also limit the amount you can earn.

Use Dota 2 Special Bets

Betting on the classic match-winners can bring little excitement in the long run. Additionally, when top teams are playing, it can also be particularly hard to call a winner and the odds won’t be very advantageous. In these cases it is a good idea to examine the teams’ line-ups and identify openings for some special Bets.

Look for specific signals and drafting strategies

With a complex and fast-paced game such ad DotA 2 making predictions can be an arduous task. However, knowing more about the deeper strategies at play can offer great advantages.

There are some game compositions specifically calculated to put the opponent under pressure in the early stages of the game. These are worth looking out for as you can then use them later in the game against drafts aimed at defending (for example Anti-Mage or Terrorblade), by which point the carry hero is able to overcome the opponent’s line-up entirely. Commonly, in these game compositions, the first to go for a push draft will likely result in being the first to kill Roshan as well. 

Know your limits

Betting on DotA 2 is definitely a thrill but it needs to remain what it is, a game. Most sites will offer a deposit limit to help minimize the losses, however, as with everything, moderation is key. When times are good everything is good but when tough times come along make sure to take a step back and  reevaluate your situation.

Staying Up To Date With DotA 2 Betting Scenes

Tournaments and championships are a great spectacle for players, teams, and fans alike and make a great viewing experience for neutrals.

There are many DotA 2 events which take place during the year and in which you may want to bet. Valve partnered with third-party tournaments to bring about a host of DotA 2 championships. Below are the unmissable major DotA 2 championships and tournaments:

The International

Does it really need an introduction? It is the most prestigious DOTA 2 championship in the world organized by Valve annually. It brings the best 16 teams worldwide to compete for the massive ground prizes which, in 2021, offered a head-spinning prize pool of about €37,000,000, setting a new record. So can it be missed? Absolutely not!

It is the toughest championship to qualify for and only the leading teams will attend. Teams may also receive a direct invitation if they have high DotA 2 Pro Circuit Points.

DotA 2 Pro Circuit points is a rating system developed by Valve which enables teams to earn points for winning championships. These can then be accumulated to qualify for the International. 

The Electronic Super League (ESL)

ESL Play is the world’s largest independent league for eSports and was founded in 1997. To this day it remains one of the biggest leagues in the eSports world and in 2013, the ESL began to organize the EMS One. 

A new series was then followed up known as ESL One which featured both Major and Minor tournaments and are hosted twice a year. The ESL One often has record viewings for a tournament of its size and it features prize pools in the range of $400,000.

One word: Unmissable! 


In 2013 DreamHack began organizing the DreamLeague, consisting of major and minor events which take place twice a year. 

The tournament features both notable and best teams from Europe, China, Southeast Asia, North America, and South America. The prize pool for each region amounts to approximately €190,000 for the Upper Division and €70,000 for the Lower Division.

The teams will acquired points from this tournament which, in turn, will determine their qualification for the Major Event and, eventually, The International 2022.

Amazing as these grand events are it is nevertheless always worth keeping an eye on smaller events too, particularly if you are new to DotA 2 betting. There are countless events on which fans can place bets: BTS Pro Series S4, the Movistar LPG Final Series, the China Pro Cup S2 or The Crown Cup, just to name a few!


Dota 2 is, without a doubt, one of the leaders in the eSports betting industry, with a lot of bookmakers offering betting options on their websites. There are three primary reasons why you need to try DotA 2 betting today:

It is fun and profitable

Playing it is amazing, watching it is thrilling and betting on it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I’m sure we can all agree that watching a match in live streaming is substantially more thrilling if you  have money riding on it.

Bookies offer great odds and promotions

There are an increasing number of bookmakers that include eSports as part of their betting options. With the enormous competition, these sites will often offer very generous welcome bonuses and tempting odds. So, you will be spoilt for choices.

Be part of one of the most dynamic communities 

With the game ranking second in the top three most popular games on Steam and is currently in the top 15 most popular games on Twitch, you would want to be part of the action.

In addition, DotA 2 tournaments like The International, regularly provide some of the biggest prize pools in eSports and even if a share of the multi-million dollar sums won’t be coming your way, betting on Dota can still offer amazingly profitable outcomes.


Can you make money with DOTA 2 betting?

Yes, you most certainly can make money playing DotA. You can do so in many great ways, such as streaming your gameplay, entering tournaments, and betting on professional leagues just to name a few.

Is there a strategy to win a bet?

Sadly, there is no single strategy that will guarantee you a win every time. However, the good news is that there are many different strategies you may adopt in order to rake in the cash and have the best experience!

Where do I find match betting predictions for DOTA 2?

You can deduce the best predictions from the odds bookmakers established in different markets. Navigate to the most reliable sites and take a look at the predictions. 

What are the most popular DOTA 2 teams?

According to Dota Pro Circuit Rankings 2022, DPC 2022 Season 1: CIS – Upper Division, the first three best teams are:
– PSG.LGD = 550
– Team Spirit = 550
– Gladiators = 430
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