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Call of Duty Betting Guide June 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top Call of Duty esports betting sites on the market and put them in one place.
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Like casino or sports games, video gamers can now wager on esports games and win big. As a result, Esports games have moved from a mere tournament-dominated space to a full-fledged business where you can make a big fortune. 

Call of Duty is one of the most interesting online esports games because Activision consistently drops new titles yearly. The Call of Duty esports tournaments have also attracted millions of players. With the growing number of esports betting sites, our esports comparison site MonsterGames is here to help you find the best Call of Duty betting sites. Bonus point! You will learn how to kick-start your betting journey and hopefully make big bucks.

Call of Duty War Zone by Activision
Call of Duty War Zone by Activision

Before we go in-depth about CoD, you should know that it isn’t the only popular video game available — Esports games such as Valorant, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends, are also offering on par betting experiences. However, many gamers prefer CoD because:

  • It is an action-packed shooting game
  • Simple and intuitive to play
  • Have multiple battlefields set in the future, WW2, and even outer space
  • Great graphics
  • Technical glitches during launch
  • Limited map options (some players just couldn’t get enough!)

Now that we have convinced you to play, we will discuss the basics, strategies, and tips for making money from COD esports betting. You will also get familiar with safe betting sites with exclusive bonuses and promotions. Let’s get started!

The Finest Call of Duty Betting Sites in 2024

As promised, here are the top and safest Call of Duty betting sites. We made this selection considering several gaming factors, including safety and license. You will also find exclusive bonuses on any esports crypto betting sites we review.

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How To Start Betting On Call of Duty

Knowing how the game functions is paramount to bet properly. Like all other popular first-person shooter games, COD is a multiplayer competitive game played as a 4v4 battle in various game modes.

How the game works

To play Call of Duty, you must choose from various available roles and the best weapons that fit the position. These important roles include:


Anchors are players who defend and control the location of targets on the map. Suitable weapons for Anchor are assault rifles or submachine guns.


As an objective, you are the main target of the opposing team and are at high risk of dying. Fortunately, you can use any weapon to defend yourself and other players in your team will have to protect you.


A slayer is a player who confuses the enemy’s tactics. Therefore, he needs to be more determined and focus on a particular area on the map. An assault rifle or sniper is best for this position.


It acts as the backbone for other positions. The player must be active and flexible enough to support the player in the anchor and slayer positions. However, only assault rifles and submachine guns can be used as weapons.

Different Call of Duty titles have different roles, but most can be categorized as the above. The game is also available in different modes.

12 competitive game modes

Search and destroy

Search and destroy is most FPS games’ first iconic game mode, including Call of Duty. In this mode, one team tries to place a bomb in one of two places on the map, and the other team fights to destroy it. Note! The round ends when one team completely wipes out the other team. Also, there are no respawns in this mode. Likewise, most COD Search and Destroy matches are played in the First to Six formats.

Hard point

This competitive game mode debuted in 2011 with Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Hardpoint matches are among the longest matches in COD esports. In this game mode, players must hurry to defend and secure certain locations on the map. However, remember that the game mode can rotate in the eleventh hour.

Each team earns 250 points each time it occupies an area. This model is considerably more annoying than the search-and-destroy mode, but it is also diplomatic. However, you can use a variety of tactics, including rotating rounds in-game and using strategic positioning, spawn trapping, and spawn locks to secure big wins.


Controls are one of Call of Duty’s latest game modes. Introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War in 2019, it has been covered by thousands of COD enthusiasts ever since. This mode is a combination of hardpoint and searches as well as destroy game modes.

One team is trying to destroy two points on the map, and the other team is trying to defend both. More importantly, each team has different goals for each round. The attacker gets a specific location at a set time, but the defender can take advantage of the attacker’s respawn or try to protect the location until the very end.


It isn’t surprising that Warzone has become a popular franchise in the COD gaming mode. It was introduced in 2021 as part of the World Series of Warzone. Like other game modes, this warzone tournament is effortless to play. You only need to get acquainted with two key facts. First, Warzone follows a format: solo, duo, trio, or squad. Second, the model can take the form of a “kill race” or an overall victory. Remember that this game mode comes with thousands of exciting prizes.

Types of bets

When it comes to COD, you’ll never run out of stakes. This is due to the wide variety of betting markets available in the Call of Duty betting landscape. Note! Most bets are simple and exciting. All you must do is carefully study how each bet type works. The bets are:

Match winner

Match Winner is one of the easiest and most popular bets in Call of Duty’s history. This bet usually requires you to bet on a team you believe will win the game. Then, depending on your choice, you can bet on either the attacker or the defender. If your prediction turns out to be correct, you win the bet.

Map winner

Map betting requires you to bet on the map’s winner. You need to bet on the team you think will win the entire map. Each map requires a different turn. Therefore, it is crucial to investigate and trust the winning team in every round. 

Total rounds over/under

Total Rounds Over / Under bets are common in most FPS games, and Call of Duty is no exception. You can bet in almost everything, including the total number of kills each team has in a match. Similarly, players can bet on the number of rounds a particular team needs to win the game.

Outright winner 

If you don’t want to bet on an individual game, outright betting is the best choice. Simply put, you need to guess the team that will win the entire round, however many rounds it involves. This means you’re betting on a team that you think will come out on top.


Handicap betting, or spread betting, is popular with all COD players. It’s a little complex but also very exciting. Basically, the bookmakers will give an advantage to the weaker team or a disadvantage to the stronger team. Some bookmakers may pre-empt one card to make handicap betting fairer.


This bet allows you to wager on more than one option and bet on up to 20 choices. As you can imagine, the odds are higher than usual, but the risks are higher. If you lose one, you lose all your bets. On the other hand, if all the predictions are correct, you hit the jackpot.

Live betting

One important Call of Duty feature is the live-streaming options. This option adds fun and lets players bet on the event in real-time. However, remember that the feature is often found in the CDL final or regular season. In addition, you may want to know that these live bets promote extra profits. This is because the betting team may change as the game progresses. For example, if two teams are tied, bet on the team that broke the tie and won the game, not the undefeated team.

Betting Odds

Regardless of your chosen mode, you must understand how to calculate your winnings. There is no doubt that the odds allow players to increase their stakes and place safe bets. Note that most bookmakers have different betting odds. Some sites offer accurate odds, but because betting is a business, some sites offer forecasts that are not completely accurate

Keep in mind that there are different types of odds. For example, the American odds, also known as Moneyline odds, is popular amongst COD bettors. This odds system is often represented as Dallas Empire: 400, Toronto Ultra: +325. The (-) symbol represents the tournament’s favorite. It shows how much you need to bet to win $ 100. The (+) symbol, on the other hand, indicates the amount earned for every $ 100 bet. 

Other common odds are decimal odds, also known as European odds. Calculating this odd is easy. Just multiply the odds by the amount you wager, and then you’re ready. For example, if the odds are 1.23 and your stake is $100, your return will be 1.23*100 = $123. However, decimal odds regarding Call of Duty esports betting are at the bottom of the popularity ladder. Remember that in the end, all bets are based on luck, so there is no guarantee that you will win your bet.

Betting tips

There are lots of useful tips you can follow to increase your chances of winning a Call of Duty bet. Come to think of it! You will unlikely bet on a team without a good understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. The same is true for COD games. You must know the game rules and the team you want to bet on. Familiarize yourself with the notable absences, ratings, and factors that affect the effectiveness of each team.

Regardless of the team, check the map and game type. There are many game modes to choose from. Also, don’t forget to check the odds on each match on the sites and compare odds on different websites before wagering. You don’t have to be a professional gambler before betting on COD. Instead, you can use bonuses and promotions various betting platforms offer to save real money.

Staying Up To Date With Call of Duty Betting Scene

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022
Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022

For an exciting gaming experience, you need to keep up with Call of Duty’s betting scene. It is important to know that the various competitions and tournaments on the platform come with a huge prize pool. Therefore, this offers the opportunity to win more. 

One of the most popular tournaments on most COD platforms is the Call of Duty League. It was established in 2020, and it is the pinnacle of all Call of Duty sports betting. The contest lasts for several months, and it’s packed with pre-season games that end with major tournaments and playoffs. 

Another well-known competition is the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, with a multi-million-dollar prize pool. Unfortunately, it only lasts up to 7- 10 days. Other tournaments include the Call of Duty World Series of Warzone with a $1.2m prize and Call of Duty Challenger with a cash prize of up to $8,000. Just keep track of all the games on the platform and note the due dates.

Final Thoughts

If you made it here, you would agree that Call of Duty is an interesting game for all esports enthusiasts. While it’s an interesting game, there’s a need for responsible gambling. Another way to get you started on esports betting is by exchanging CSGO skins or Rust, DOTA, and so on) for cryptocurrency or fiat. You can also start betting with the deposit bonuses you have before playing fiat and gambling with cryptocurrencies. But take your time.


Can you make money with Call of Duty Betting?

Sample conteSure! You can make a lot of money by playing Call of Duty. As far as we know, Call of Duty esports betting has insane bonuses and rewards. However, some prizes are locked by the exact rollover amount.

Is it legal to bet on COD in the USA?

Online gambling in the United States is very complicated. Nevertheless, it is 100% legal in some states, such as West Virginia, New Jersey, and Nevada. However, you must be at least 18 years old to register on the Call of Duty betting sites.

Where can I watch esports matches?

You can watch all esports matches on Twitch, Steam Tv, YouTube Channels, and many more.

Where do I find match betting predictions for Call of Duty?

Many gaming platforms provide Call of Duty match betting predictions. However, do your research and be certain rather than relying entirely on them.

What are the most popular Call of Duty teams?

Famous Call of Duty teams include OpTic Gaming (Advanced Warfare), Complexity, Atlanta FaZe, Team Kaliber, Evil Genuises, Team EnVyUs (Dallas Empire), and LA Thieves.

Can you use cryptocurrency or PayPal to bet?

Yes! Most Call of Duty platforms accept bets via digital currencies, PayPal, etc. Just check the payment options available on the platform.
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