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Key Takeaways

  • CSGOroll Free Affiliate code
  • CSGO Safe to Play
  • CSGO Crash Game

  • Great Games Selection
  • Provably fair games
  • CSGORoll Code for 5% extra on your deposit
  • You can only withdraw CSGO skins
InformationCSGORoll Review insights
Deposit MethodsCryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, USDT, XRP), Steam (CSGO), VISA, Mastercard, Giftcards (PayPal, Paysafecard), UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller, Klarna (some of these methods might not be available in all the countries)
Withdraw MethodsSteam – CSGO skins
Min Deposit$30 and equivalent in other currencies (also to needed to chat)
GamesRoulette, Coinflip, Crash, Dice, Case Battle (CSGO Jackpot)
Restricted CountriesThe Site and Services are not available where prohibited by applicable law. We reserve the right to block access to the Site and Services in any prohibited jurisdiction.
CSGORoll Referral CodeCRYPTOGAMBLETIPS – add this and get 5% extra on your deposits
Support Emailsupport@csgoroll.com 24/7
Live ChatYES, 10am CET – 10pm CET Mon – Fri.
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord

Summary Of CSGOroll

This CSGOroll site is friendly and offers a wide variety of plays like Coin Flip, Roulette, and Crash game. They will be fully described furthermore in this review. Each one has its own space. What makes this place unique is you can deposit and withdraw fast. The most important thing about this casino is that it brings to light fairness and doesn’t steal or cheat. Although there could be scams off-site, I see no reports showing there would steal inside.

Games offering at CSGORoll platform

But we need to make a point here. To be fully aware of CSGORoll, you need to know what this platform is all about. It might look like any other casino platform, but you are indeed depositing real money to exchange with their “coins”; Which doesn’t have an actual real value but only virtual value, allowing CSGORoll to host splendid games and make you win “coins” rather than real money. But here is the “trick” you can get real valuable CSGO Skins for gambling, and once you have them, you can withdraw them on your CSGO Steam account.

Once you have these Skins in your account, you can move them to another platform, such as the ones we promote on the CSGO trading sites, and exchange your valuable skins for real money (most of the time you can get cryptocurrencies).

csgoroll promo code: CRYPTOGAMBLETIPS – add this and get 5% extra on your deposits

If you are wondering if CSGORoll is legit, we can confirm that they are 100% legit with a real company providing a great service for CSGO players.

The Good and The Bad at CSGOroll

The good part of gambling at CSGORoll is that there are tons of players, there are tons of withdrawals and deposits and the players all seem happy. I am glad you could think, though, if it wasn’t CSGOroll safe problems and it is all looking at the facts before depositing big skins on a new or old website that you haven’t yet to play.

Skin withdraw on CSGORoll

The only problem with gambling here for cash is that it only lets you take out skins as the only type of money that you could get. There are several ways, though, to sell your items for cash online. Just take into consideration to read reviews to make sure your items will not get taken away. 

CSGOroll Game Selection

A few of the games at CSGOroll are coinflip, Dice Duel, Case Battle and Crash. The CSGOroll coin flip is exactly how it sounds: you put an item up and then someone matches you and whoever got the coin flip side gets the prize. CSGOroll Dice Duel goes where you can allow someone to get your item for you or the bot or someone else to play a Dice roll, highest dice wins. Case Battle is where you open a case against someone else and whoever got the best from their box less the more wins the prize. 

CSGO Crash on CSGORolll

Crash is a great game. They have a unique way of playing it, instead of just cash win they use CSGO skins to play and I think that is cool. Of course, Crash is a game where you put up an amount for it as soon as it starts the game your bet is going up, decide when you want to stop it and that will win but if you don’t know that it is time to click for the prize you will lose your bet.

Roulette game on CSGORoll

CSGOroll Withdraws and Deposits 

You can deposit several ways. Here is the list for you, so you are aware of them, instead of just leaving some and not allow you to play if that didn’t work out for you.

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Ways of Depositing at CSGOroll

  • Credit Cards: Mastercard, VISA
  • CSGO Skins
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, USDT, XRP
  • Skrill Moneybookers 
  • Neteller 
  • UnionPay 
  • NeoSurf 
  • PayPal Paysafecard

There are a lot of ways, make sure to choose the one you are familiar with. Now for the Withdraws there is only one way like I mentioned earlier in this article. You can easily sell to reputable shops and there would be no problem selling them. You won’t get the best price back, but you will have your skin traded for money or cryptocurrency. 

Case opening of CSGO on CSGORoll

CSGOroll Customer Support

CSGOroll has a Twitter account where you can ask questions and get answers. If you have already gambled 50.00 you can ask a moderator on chat to see if they will help you. Like the old saying goes, customers are always right. 

CSGOroll is a gambling place where the main language is English. You will have a good time playing here and getting answers from support.

Responsible Gambling at CSGOroll

CSGOroll has self-exclusion and ban if you want it all you must talk to the support at CSGOroll in the ways I just mentioned in the above writing. The email to contact CSGOroll admins is support@CSGOroll.com. There is a way to ban yourself for too, even if you are too new to have an account to do it. There is a way to get help that is with family and other groups as well, which would help you get out of sites that gamble. Maybe you are losing too much or betting the house maybe you’re fine either way. It does not matter if you need help to find it.

Promotions at CSGOroll

Once you reach Level 2, you get daily boxes that you can open, higher the level, more of the greatness of what you can win in an unboxing. This site is probably fair and with that and promotions for signing up, just use the keyword ROLL and you will have a case free. Not all sites are even free, so that alone is great and more you can enjoy the games there which I hope you can.

csgoroll promo code: CRYPTOGAMBLETIPS – add this and get 5% extra on your deposits

There is also a redeem code when you bring new friends to play this game with you and that is about to bring you extra coin to do. Most computer gamers already have CSGO friends, which will work perfectly to get friends over to take advantage of the betting that CSGOroll offers. Now you know the promotions now enjoy the spoils of this fun gambling at CSGOroll.

Recommendations to Play at CSGOroll

At the playing of this game, you can even do a 0.01-coin bet, so it’s fun if you just want to mess around or want to play the game hard ball style where you bet a good amount. Just make sure you are playing fair because this site is 100% provably fair. No one wants to lose their home gambling, so just enjoy what you can spend. I recommend playing at CSGOroll. There are great skins to be earned when they get put in the backpack, which is your inventory, so you can sell to get more gain to play more games or withdraw your choice.

CSGOroll Final Rating

CSGOroll is a great probably fair gambling skin for CSGO site. Take your time and win more skins. Don’t always press your luck, but in the end, it is your money.

csgoroll promo code: CRYPTOGAMBLETIPS – add this and get 5% extra on your deposits
8.8 Total Score
CSGORoll Review

Trust Level
Games selection
Customer Support
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CSGORoll Review
CSGORoll Review

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