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Best CSGO Gambling Sites in December 2022

We’ve gathered information from the top CSGO sites on the market and put them in one place.
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To all the expert players and the newbies out there, allow us a brief explanation to introduce this review of the most popular game of its kind and one of the most popular esport games out there, CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). This game boasts a staggering 601,999.5 average number of monthly players and has maintained this average since the end of 2015.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Counter Strike: Global Offensive

What Is CS:GO gambling?

CSGO is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Valve and is the latest game in the Counter-Strike series. It is a highly complex and strategic game in which two opposing teams, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, compete in various game modes to complete certain objectives. 

Much like in any other casino game, in CSGO you bet on the outcome of the game, however, unlike any other casino game, the currency utilized is different. In CSGO instead of real money, skins are traded. These come in the form of great-looking guns, knives, stickers, gloves, and more, and can either be obtained in-game, purchased through the Steam platform, or through third-party websites. Skins are entirely unique to CSGO. 

CSGO skins are easily tradeable which makes them very easy to use, they also have different values so even users with a small budget can gamble. Today there are many CSGO gambling sites that offer different games like roulette, crash, or jackpot, some of them even have their own skin trading marketplace.

Read on for the most reliable information on the best CSGO gambling sites and plenty more information.

The Best And Most Trusted CSGO Gambling Sites In 2022

Knowing where to play is key to having the best gambling experiences and ensuring you have a fair chance at rigging in the cash. Based on players’ demands and backed by thorough research and verification, our list will provide the most popular and trustworthy CSGO gambling websites on offer. 

Thanks to these high-profile platforms CSGO games can bring great profits to responsible gamblers. 

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What Is The Difference Between CSGO Gambling And Betting?

The difference between CSGO gambling and CSGO betting is straightforward. 

CSGO Gambling is any casino game, such as Crash, Coinflip, Dice, or Jackpot. Some casinos may also offer Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. 

CSGO gambling is a form of gambling that uses ‘skins’ from the game as the primary form of currency. CSGO skin gambling used to be very popular before Valve (the developers of CSGO) added a seven-day trade hold to any CSGO item traded between accounts. This means if a user receives a skin from a trade, they must wait a total of seven days for the ability for that skin to be tradable to another account. Most gamblers who used CSGO skins have since switched over to cryptocurrencies as these payments are fast, simple, and secure.

CSGO match betting interface on stake casino
CSGO match betting interface on stake casino

On the other hand, CSGO Betting is gambling on the outcome of professional Counter Strike matches. If you bet on the right team and your team wins, you get more skins, if you bet on the wrong team and your team loses, you lose your skins. Betting is a good way to get nice skins for your inventory, however, you need to have plenty of knowledge about the current CSGO pro scene, the teams, and more. Betting Sites are a big part of the CSGO Community. The game has one of the biggest e-sports scenes in the entire industry and players love to bet on professional matches. It is so popular by now that some sites allow you to bet real money on professional CSGO matches. However, keep in mind that skin betting is often considered the most interesting betting option for CSGO players.

What Is Case Opening?

Case Opening is a game in which you open cases such as the ones you can open in CSGO

CSGO case opening
Farmskins, one of the top CSGO case opening sites

Good Case Opening sites allow you to withdraw real skins from your inventory. Furthermore, you can open cases against other players in a so-called Case Battle in which you and another player open both the same cases and the same number of cases. Whoever gets more expensive skins in total, wins the whole Case Battle. 

That means, that you can make almost twice as much profit compared to just opening the cases for yourself. You can also lose everything, which makes the game quite risky, however, it is precisely this thrill (and the fact that you can win generously), which attracts many players to Case Battles.

Where Can You Bet CSGO Skins In The USA?

There is a big question for most US players: Where can they play CSGO games if most of these sites are restricted in the US? We’ve got you covered, we did our research and featured the CSGO gambling sites available in the USA below.

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How To Tell If CSGO Site Is Legit

Go over some key factors that gamers should watch out for when they are looking for sites to play such as:
Site legitimacy can be hard to spot, however, there are a few features that can definitely spot the scams. These are the following:

Games Selection

Sometimes is good a focus on only one type of game, but to be very competitive in the market and attract more players and gain their respect and trust you need to provide more. Indeed, having a wide game range in your offering can make a difference for those players that enjoy not only CSGO, but also gambling on Rust, gambling on Dota 2, or else gamble on League of legends. And some sites did a great job by allowing players to choose what kind of skins to use.

Trustpilot reviews

One of the first things to check when navigating to a new site, (which is not present on our recommendation list of the most reputable sites), is whether or not the site is reviewed on Trustpilot and what the reviews are.  If the site isn’t present on Trustpilot consider that a big red flag and avoid the site. Similarly, if the reviews are poor, steer away from the site and rely on more reputable ones to avoid scams. Legit esports betting sites will be wary of their reputation, you can rest assured of that.


Phishing is a popular scam method. To detect this, a user may adopt a few, or all of the following methods: check if the URL is legitimate, whether the website is using HTTPS, and whether there is any kind of homograph in the domain. Among others, these are the most common tricks to spot a scam site. 

Customer service

Needless to say, a prompt and satisfactory reply is an indication of the legitimacy of a site. However, there is more to the sheer importance of customer support.  This is because real money esports betting sites with CSGO odds will invest more in their customer satisfaction elements and therefore excel in other areas too. For example, they will have a variety of payment methods, the pay-out speed will be reduced, game and mode variety, and more.


All legitimate gambling sites will require a license issued by national and international regulators, with no exceptions. It is therefore important to navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the license held by the casino to verify it.

Bonuses and promotions

Online crypto casinos offer a variety of bonus rewards to draw new players and keep existing ones. Bonuses can easily become the deciding factor for players when it comes to selecting an online casino to play at.

Please keep in mind that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is, so players are entitled to ask themselves if online casino bonuses are a scam.
In legitimate gambling sites, promotions and bonuses are under scrutiny to make sure they don’t use false advertising to deceive players. However, reading very carefully the terms and conditions and ensuring you thoroughly understand the rules to make the most of these offers in safety is key.

Payments and cash out

It should never be difficult to make a deposit at a CSGO site and the same goes for fast withdrawals. All the sites we recommend have been inspected to ensure they offer a selection of deposit methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal gift cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin Logo
Ethereum Logo
Litecoin Logo
Bitcoin Cash logo
Dogecoin logo

This is because reputable websites will offer different payment options in order to cater to their clients. A fast withdrawal means you can cash out at any time. There’s nothing worse than having to wait around before being able to withdraw what you’ve won.

Provably Fair System

Unfortunately, there are many ways of rigging bets, however, luckily, there are ways of knowing if that’s the case and one is the Provably Fair System. 

In short, this system is an algorithm that allows online randomization to reach the highest level of fairness and openness. The algorithm uses the benefits of the blockchain in order to make actions of randomization, such as shuffling a deck of playing cards or flipping a coin. If you see this system on your casino of choice then play on, otherwise arouse your suspicions.

Finally, remember that our main objective is to ensure your safety and offer you the most positive gambling experience possible. We make sure our list of sites is regularly updated with the most reliable and reputable casinos. So, feel free to consult our recommendations and enjoy your gambling worry-free.

CSGO Gambling Variety

Playing traditional casino games can get boring. There are many different CSGO Gambling sites out there that offer different game modes you can try out. Undoubtedly, you are going to like some games more than others, however, whether you prefer more traditional casino games or csgo live casino ones, with CSGO the thrill is ever-present.

Crash game on CSGORoll
Crash game on CSGORoll


Just like the traditional roulette, CSGO Roulette never disappoints.  In this mode, you can exchange your CSGO skins for coins on roulette sites. Furthermore, you can get high wins with moderate risk and play it with or against friends, which makes it even more fun.  There are also many systems you can use if you want to play but can’t decide what you want to place your bet on. Just go with your system and let it decide the bets for you.


CSGO crash is one of the best games you can play on many CSGO gambling sites. It is highly entertaining as you can play to your liking either high risk or low risk and take your winnings anytime. You can play it on different CSGO sites where you can deposit your skins to those sites and win even better skins by simply cashing out at the right time. 
The crash game is one of the community’s favorite gambling games as it is simple and offers a thrilling gambling experience (as well as brings insane profits if luck is on your side). Alternatively, you can play really safe and get some small wins.


CSGO Coinflip websites are another form of CSGO gambling that has grown in popularity. It’s a simple game, typically with a 1-versus-1 scenario where users will bet against each other, instead of the betting platform. As expected, these coinflip bets are 50-50 bets, making it one of the few CSGO betting options that actually has even odds. Though it is dependent on the Coinflip sites, many offer the option of betting using either money, skins, or both! 

CSGO conflip on 500Casino


CSGO Dice is a game that is based around the very popular casino game but with a CSGO twist.  Like the traditional casino game, it is based on odds and guessing what will be the final outcome.  Some CSGO dice sites have the addition of multipliers. This feature both increased the potential of winnings and adds an extra thrill to the experience.


When it comes to CSGO Blackjack there are no significant differences between classic variations of the game and the version aimed at the CSGO community. The essentials remain the same, in that you play against the dealer and must reach a score as close to 21 as possible, though you shouldn’t exceed the winning number.  However, the setup can vary among different sites. In 2022, Blackjack remains one of the most profitable games for players, as the house edge usually stays below 1%. However, this figure can undergo certain modifications depending on the number of card decks involved in the gameplay. Nevertheless, it’s most certainly worth more than a shot.


As the name suggests, it is the good old minesweeper but with a CSGO spin on it. There is no strategy to this game per se, you just need to avoid mine to win. The further you go, the bigger the prize.

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