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Most Popular CSGO Roulette Sites in June 2024

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What Is CSGO Roulette

Think casino. Walk in and see all the sparkling machines and lights, laughter, drinks, pretty girls and as you walk through you see a crowd standing in excitement around a table… it is IT, the roulette.

How much more iconic can it get?! Has anyone seen a film featuring a casino in which a roulette isn’t shown? Impossible.Aside from the infinite charm of playing roulette at a casino, for all those CSGO fans, CSGO roulette is an online simplified version of the classical gambling game of chance yet with a lot of similarities to the real-life roulette.

CSGO roulette gameplay on CSGOEmpire
Roulette on CSGOEmpire

Due to the popularity of both CSGO and roulette, you will have no trouble in finding this phenomenal game on most of the best CSGO gambling sites. It is played by millions of players and can get you amazing rewards both as money or coins. Read on for all the details.

Top CSGO Roulette sites in 2024 Trusted by Millions of Players

When searching the WWW for CSGO roulette sites you will have no trouble finding an infinite array of them. One reason for this is that many of these sites are actually scam sites. Not only, there are also many which are of very poor quality. In fact, the latter varies enormously and only a scarce few should dare to call themselves the best betting sites.

Because roulette is one of the most popular games on offer, many CSGO sites will have this game mode but identifying which sites are legit and which are not is an arduous task.

For this reason, there are several factors which need to be considered by players when choosing a site from the many different options out there. For starters, a website must be transparent about money, it should offer multiple pay-out methods, only permit original and transferrable skins and have available and helpful staff. Great customer service is probably the most important feature a site should offer because users are the very backbone of a site. Therefore, a site that offers great customer service is a clear indication of its reputation and legitimacy.

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When searching for the site that best suits your tastes, ensure it has been tested and proven to be legitimate and reliable. Such sites will have plenty of loyal users and clear and transparent policies. You will find that many sites offer great services. However, relying on a recommended list put together by a panel of experts is what will give you the greatest gambling experience of your life! 

Our list of recommendations also includes exclusive offers and tons of great daily bonuses. With nothing to lose and just so much to win, don’t waste your time searching; go straight to the best.


Playing CSGO is certainly great fun, but gambling your skins, VGOs or coins in a classic casino game while maintaining the CSGO features is definitely a step up.

Why not trade your skins for real money to buy the new graphics card you have always wanted? Or your favourite DotA2 cosmetics? Or simply vaunt the best skins you have and have won on CSGO Roulette in the CSGO community?

Either way gambling in your preferred game mode will guarantee you the thrill of a lifetime and the unique appeal only a confident gambler has. Be that player.   

In all this, remember that It’s a game and it’s meant to be fun. If the fun stops, stop playing!

How To Play

Though Roulette often appears complicated and unpredictable then other forms of betting and in some ways it is, however, CSGO roulette is a simpler version of the regular casino game in that you only use colours. Bet on Red, Black or Green, if it hits your colour you win. If you guess Red or Black is right, you will get an x2 payout. If you guess Green is right, you will get a x14 payout, which means you will make a huge profit. Green has around a 6% chance, which means it is less likely to hit, whereas Red and Black have a higher chance of around 47% each. 

In terms of wager, one of the best methods to place a bet is by depositing CSGO skins. Players usually prefer to wager these due to their value and rarity. However, roulette sites don’t put limits on deposits so players are free to choose whatever item they want to place before the wheel starts spinning.

Finally, you must always consider your options carefully when making a bet to avoid a bad casino experience and crush your playing spirit, therefore let’s go through a few principles.

Roulette table
Roulette Table

Basic rules

Well, the name roulette is still in there and so are the game’s basic rules. Players will experience the authentic roulette experience played through the best CSGO lens! 

To begin your betting experience, you may choose to deposit CSGO skins, money, coins, cryptocurrency, or just about anything with a trading value attached. Then, all that has been deposited will contribute to the final jackpot. A value will then be established, and the wheel will start spinning. The lucky winner who will walk away with the jackpot will be determined within the next few suspenseful moments. 

Game features

CSGO Roulette has some unique features that heighten the playing experience. Undoubtedly, the promo codes that offer free coins when you join are a great feature to begin with. There are also great deposit bonuses offered, which allow you to earn extra when depositing your skins. Finally, there are the different roulette wheel options – 2x, 3x, 5x, 14x, and 50x, which are great fun!

Moreover, roulette has a very social element that isn’t as common in other game modes, and it is one of the features many players enjoy. Rounds flow at a slower pace in roulette, and this offers a great opportunity to chat with fellow players about world events and just enjoy the social nature of the game, even from our own homes.

Bonus Games

Roulette bonuses come in different forms. They are one of the great advantages of playing online casino games like this. They may come in the form of:

  • Affiliate codes – which is a code given to other players to claim a bonus; 
  • deposit-related perks – which are usually presented in the form of a bonus that matches your first deposit, or its part, and with which you may also get free spins;
  • giveaways – a bonus being offered to players that meet a particular requirement. It is always in the form of funds to wager and generate more profit. 

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the daily jackpot will increase the number of users a gambling site has, as these players will deposit their wagers in the jackpot. Therefore, sites should reward the loyalty of their users and welcome new ones with generous bonuses and promo codes. These may come as welcome bonuses for newbies or great V.I.P. rewards.

Whatever shape they may take, these great freebies contribute to the excitement of CSGO roulette gambling like no other.

Probability and RTP

We all know that there is a house edge in any casino game, and this is also the case with CSGO roulette. However, it’s important to know that this edge is higher in CSGO roulette than it is in traditional roulette. The logical explanation for this is that there are fewer numbers available in CSGO roulette. 

The option of betting on the green pocket in roulette permits the house to have a greater edge. Without it, you would have a 50% chance of winning when betting on either black or red. This would result in a theoretical RTP (return to player) of 100%, as winning on either of these pockets would double your bet and you would be expected to win the same amount you wagered in the long term. 

To clarify, the RTP is a percentage value expressing the odds of scoring a pay out over an extended period. This percentage is the opposite of the house edge percentage; these two make one whole of 100%.

Therefore, the addition of the green pocket reduces the RTP, as you wouldn’t have a 50% chance of landing on either red or black anymore. This odd is further reduced by the reduction of numbers, as the green pocket will represent a greater portion of the total number of pockets.

When translated into numbers, it looks like this:

RTP = percentage chance of winning x the amount you could win compared to the amount you bet

So, if you placed a bet on black when playing at a traditional roulette table, your chances of winning would be 18/37 as there are 37 numbers in total and 18 of them are black.

Your percentage chance of winning is therefore 18/37 = 0,4866 = 48,66%

The amount you could win compared to the amount you bet is 2 (as you would win double your bet)

Therefore, the RTP is 2 x 48,66% = 97,3%.

This means that for every 100 coins you bet, you would expect to win 97,3, leaving the house edge at 2.7% when betting on black or red. 
Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


It is a known fact that for every sprouting betting system, there are those who wish to find the magical formula to win 100% of the time. 

This has been seen countless times in films, and it definitely works there. Unfortunately, reality is very different, and the outcomes of reputable casinos are 100% random and proving fair. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy the game for what it is.

Nevertheless, some strategies may be adopted while playing on a CSGO roulette site of your choice. Some of these may increase your chances of winning, while others may not. Nevertheless, if you can be patient and play regularly, you will very likely be counting your eggs at the end.  

It is worth noting that not many tactics actually became customary in CSGO gambling and on roulette sites. So, the takeaway here is that no matter which strategy you may choose to adopt, the result will always be the same: an excellent and unique experience every time you play and on any given reputable site.   

The Martingale strategy

The Martingale is undoubtedly one of the most known gambling strategies. It’s also the one which requires a slightly higher investment when compared to other strategies. However, like any other investment, the long-term profit is well worth it, as with the martingale, you will always land on the winning side. 

The way it works is simple, you place your wager and potentially win, fine. You then carry on placing the same wager until the time you lose. At that point, you double your initial wager and carry on. If you get struck by a series of unfortunate losses, just keep doubling your bet until the next time you win and can then retrieve your winnings.

The Alambert strategy 

In this strategy, you virtually do the opposite of what the Martingale entails. This is what makes it one of the least risky strategies on CSGO roulette sites. It allows for a well-balanced pace of play, and you will always remain in control of your bets.

It works as follows: you simply increase your bet after a loss and a win. This way, your play is steady and regular. Simple, right? 

This strategy is particularly useful for newcomers as it lets you track your winnings and losses. However, it can also be great for more expert players to establish a steady pace of play.

The One-Time-All-In strategy

This strategy is by far the one with the greater risk and the greater reward if you win.
Basically, you navigate to your favorite roulette site, deposit all their skins for coins, and bet everything on either red or black… scary right?

Well, just imagine that if you win, your inventory will be worth double what it was. Naturally, if you unfortunately lose, your inventory will be rather less skinny.  

This strategy may not be ideal for those who are particularly attached to their skins inventory.

There are many other strategies, such as the Labouchere, James Bond, and Fibonacci, which demand greater knowledge of the specific game and of the sites you are playing on. These are all great and fun strategies to adopt; however, due to their specific nature, they cannot be summarized as easily as the other strategies mentioned above. 

Nevertheless, the bottom line here is to remember that it is a game and, as such, must be fun regardless of the site you use or what strategy you adopt. Be smart, and keep yourself up to date with offers, bonuses, games, and any other features of CSGO roulette sites. That’s by far the best tip!

Game Variants

Online roulette with a CSGO theme
Online roulette with a CSGO theme

Now, given the popularity of CSGO Roulette, there are several variants that have emerged from the Classic Slider (also known as Double Game), which is the classic roulette game as mentioned in the How to Play section above. There are only 3 colors to choose from, and the odds are 2x, 2x, and 14x. Just as in traditional roulette, players place their bets in either skins or coins, on the colour they predict the ball will land on. 

However, if you are gambling your coins or skins on Roulette, you must be aware of all the different variants, so let’s look.

x50 Roulette

This roulette game has four colours to bet on- red, black, green and yellow. The winning bet is multiplied by the number of fields, and you simply need to place your bet on the color you feel the roulette ball will land on.


This is one of the newer variants of CSGO Roulette, and it combines the classic slider roulette with CSGO Crash. How? Well, it essentially works like Crash in that it shows several different multipliers for a particular round, however, it is played on a roulette wheel. 

In this game, the multipliers can reach thousands at times, and players bet on the multiplier they think the ball will land on. The higher the multiplier, the greater the reward. Yet that also makes it harder to win.

Aside from the many roulette variants, there are also very popular game modes to try out and enjoy, such as CSGO coinflip and dice, so take your time and explore this adventurous world of CSGO themed game modes.


All in all, CSGO Roulette can be found in an increasing number of new online casinos. Since it is a classic, well-known casino game, it is hardly surprising that it is generally viewed as the most popular CSGO game mode twist. The pay-out commissions are reasonable depending on the site you play on and the fun is guaranteed. It’s an excellent game for all players who enjoy the true art of gambling, filled with the passion for the classics yet with the twist of a great and unique videogame we all love, CSGO.  

In other words, if you are a CSGO fan (and you are, otherwise you wouldn’t even be on this page), delay no further. Sign up to a CSGO website that meets your requirements and begin to play CSGO Roulette and other favourite CSGO live casino games of your choice.


What is CSGO Roulette?

CSGO Roulette is a very popular game. It is a CSGO version of the classical roulette, in which you exchange your skins for coins and choose whether to bet on black, red or green.  

Where can I play roulette?

You will find that CSGO Roulette is available on the greatest majority of gambling sites with the exceptions for some countries which limit online gambling altogether. 
In order to avoid being scammed by illegitimate sites we suggest you rely on our recommended sites for the best and safest experience.

Is CSGO roulette legit?

Yes, CSGO Roulette is legit on our recommended sites, the game is provably fair and you can deposit and withdraw CSGO skins.

What is the most successful CSGO Roulette strategy?

The magical winning formulas are only reserved for films. In real life, the house always wins in the long run. However, there are several strategies which you may attempt to increase your chances of winning.
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