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Fortnite Betting Guide May 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top Fortnite esports betting sites on the market and put them in one place.
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In 2018, Fortnite was the first among equals in the esports space. One thing that stands out is the fascinating battle royale game mode which lured over 100 million players within a short time. This online video game from Epic Games accumulated more than $9 billion in gross revenue in less than a year. So why do players choose this game?

Fortnite Battle Royale, the most common game mode to bet on
Fortnite Battle Royale, the most common game mode to bet on

Unlike many online video games, gamers have access to this game on three main platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It is also one of the few games that enjoy regular updates and changes. If you have played this game in the past, you will notice Epic games introduced new grenades and weapons lately. Betting on Fortnite is also simple to learn with higher winning chances

To ensure you only play at safe esports betting sites, we have compiled the best Fortnite betting sites here. At Monstergames, we ensure you don’t bank with the wrong or fraudulent betting platform. We also provide bettors with every important detail to become a pro. 

Like Fortnite, there are many other aesthetically pleasing online games like Overwatch, CSGO, Valorant, COD, etc. However, this video game stands out because:

  • Free to play
  • Heavily related to pop culture
  • Ideal for new players
  • It’s not moderated nor age regulated, so adults can be interacting with minors without knowing
  • Cyberbullying can happen, but the risk is the same as any other online video games

In a nutshell, Fortnite Battle Royale is a global esports game that involves surviving and world-building elements. You will learn to make money from Fortnite betting and legal sites with bonuses and promotions here. 

The Finest Fortnite Betting Sites In 2022

In this section, we have the best and latest Fortnite betting sites in 2022. Irrespective of the site that wins your heart, all platforms here are safe, legal, and licensed. Also, you will enjoy exclusive bonuses and other attractive promotions. 

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How To Start Betting On Fortnite

Betting on esports games is not as easy as you think unless you understand the basics. So, if you’re planning to start betting on Fortnite, you’ll need to understand how the game works, the different bets offered, and other basic betting tips to improve your winning chances. Don’t worry though, we’ll take you through the process!

How The Game Works

Fortnite is an intriguing game that has stirred the online gaming community throughout the years. However, unlike most esports games, Fortnite is a Third-Person Shooter game that goes beyond having two teams competing against each other. Instead, it features 100 players on an island. 

Before engaging in all-out combat, each player searches for weapons and resources. There’s still more! Be warned that the map will always fall off; thus, gathering up stuff might quickly turn into a fight. Consequently, this can result in instant death. So, instead of fooling around, get down to business straight away.

Loots found in the game
Loots found in the game

Each player’s or team’s goal is to stay alive long enough to be the last man standing, which becomes the winner. Meanwhile, rather than engaging in full-fledged combat with fully loaded weapons, each player must seek loot and gear from nearby regions to level the playing field.

To start the game, you need to choose a persona: each character possesses extraordinary abilities and ultimate power. The main characters in Fortnite include  Bunker Jonesy, Blaze, Lexa, Batman, Spider-man, Midas, Bandolette, Magnus, Mancake, Jules, Raptor, Kyle, Penny, Raz, Peely, Agent Jones, Hawk, Rex, Brutus, Dr, Slone, Ramirez, Lachlan Power and many more.

Note! 8 of the Characters are distributed randomly to new players in Fortnite every time. So, regardless of the basic character style, you may need to select a new one as the game develops. So, how about we see how to do that?

How can you unlock more Characters in Fortnite?

There are no character change options from the start, but more characters become available along the way. Looting or performing the Llamas task is a common way to unlock more characters in the game. First, you must grasp each player’s style and how to utilize the best of each player’s abilities, then, proceed to loot Llmas. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to unlock a new character. You can also purchase them once you’ve completed each challenge. Just change your character under the Hero tab once they’ve been purchased.

Additionally, to choose any possible heroes, go to your locker and look through various character styles. For each character, there are also skins available. Skins have been an important aspect to Fortnite as it has over thousands of options since its first released. Fortnite boasts skins with a comic book, tv shows, and movie franchises. You can even trade them with CSGO skins, and make money from it. How cool is that?!

The original Fortnite skins
The original Fortnite skins

To obtain each skin, you must pay V-Bucks and in-game cash. On the other hand, you can purchase a battle pass, one of the most cost-effective ways to obtain additional skins. Finally, change your characters by equipping new skins in your inventory.

Meanwhile, Fortnite is available in 3 different game modes, which are:

Battle Royale

The most popular game mode among Fortnite fans and the one included in the esports betting scene. It’s a player vs. player game mode that allows up to 100 participants in a single match. It allows you to play alone, with a partner, or with a team (usually 3-4 players). The “Battle Bus” flies all unarmed players onto the island. A map with weaponry, surveillance, and other vital resources is supplied.

Battle Royale is the standard Fortnite game in which individuals or teams compete to be the last man or team alive. You must avoid getting murdered in any circumstance to do so. Remember this! You must be comfortable in the safe zone. However, you’ll still have to deal with the enemies as it fades, so you can’t hide for long.

Another fantastic feature of this game mode is that you can construct large and powerful forts out of stone, wood, or metal to keep you safe for when you’re under attack. However, you must obtain building materials in the beginning of the game.

Save the World

Another interesting game mode for Fortnite released on July 25, 2017. Unlike battle royale mode, Save the World is apay-to-play. It uses V-Bucks purchased with real money to plunder boxes and get random in-game items. In addition, save the World is player vs. team mode, usually between four players striving for a common goal in different tasks

This game started after a strange event occurred on Earth, and the majority of the folks  disappeared. Therefore, in this game, each player acts as the commander of his homeland, rescuing the survivors and defending the materials that can prevent the Eger Storm.

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative is a free game mode that is very similar to Minecraft. In the gameplay, every player has the opportunity to scavenge all of the islands. Another highlight we found in this Fortnite game mode is that players have the opportunity to create other fun mini-games such as racetracks, battle arenas, and various challenges.  In this mode,  gamers can use a hatchet to destroy specific areas on the map and gain basic reserves to fuel them for combat.

Type of bets

The Fortnite betting market is slightly different from other conventional esports games. But, we’re pleased to point out that you have numerous lucrative bets to also place on Fortnite, with the most common being:

Player Kill Count

The Player Kill Count betting option is arguably one of the unique and most challenging betting markets in Fortnite. It’s all about choosing a particular player to predict their killing at the end of the game. Note! Winning these types of bets is very difficult. It is unlikely that you will get the exact number of kills. However, there are significant benefits to using the odds provided by the platform.

Overall Match Duration

This is another special bet type for Fortnite. The total playtime return is attractive, but the results are fairly predictable. It’s more or less like over/under betting. You need to predict whether the game will last long or end soon. Note! For your convenience,you will be given a specific time frame.

First Blood

First Blood is a bit like a player’s kill count. However, it is tricky to predict this market. That’s because the start of the game is often brutal. Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict which player will get the first kill correctly. On the other hand, if you guessed right, this bet type is so profitable that you can earn thousands of dollars.

Match Winner

Match Winner is common to all esports game systems. As the name implies, it’s all about betting on a particular player or team that you think will survive the entire battle. That is the winner of a match. You can also find the same type of bet in CSGO only with different name, that is round winner. In order to win the bet, you have to guess which team will win that particular round.

Outright Winner

Regardless of the game names, you can always find this betting market in every one of them and Fortnite is no exception. With this betting system, all you have to do is predict the winners of a particular tournament or championship winners. You can choose either a specific player or team. 

Live Betting

One of Fortnite’s greatest attractions is the live betting options available. First, of course, you will agree that it makes a lot of sense to be able to follow all Fortnite tournaments and matches in real-time. However, there’s still more to this! There is also room for in-play betting on this live betting system. This means you can bet in the middle of the game. Ultimately, this makes the Fortnite betting more exciting.

When it comes to in-play betting, you can enjoy a variety of betting markets. You can place an in-play bet on the total score of the match, the number of players killed, or the number of killings by one player. The crown jewel is that you are likely to win bets placed on the live stream game.

Betting Odds and Points Spread

Before betting on Fortnite games, paying attention to the probabilities of winning a game is helpful. This will help you make a safe bet, calculate your odds, and know your potential winnings. Popular odds on most Fortnite betting sites are American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. Examine the details of each odd to see how it works. 

It’s also essential for you to know that the odds depend on the teams and players competing with each other. Remember that the most popular platforms offer high odds for all Fortnite games. This offers better chances of winning, but it’s best not rely solely on the odds. Remember to bet responsibly since these providers are still a business and they’re out to make a profit. 

Betting Tips

If you’re hoping to get more money from Fortnite betting, then you need to have some basic betting tips in your book. First, familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Then, go through the nooks and cranny of the game. Likewise, don’t hesitate to pay close attention to the skills and performances of each team and player.

Another best way to improve your gambling skills is to compare odds. Remember that the higher the odds, the higher the winnings. Check two or more legitimate betting sites before deciding which bet to place. There is no doubt that you do not want to lose multiple times in a row. Almost all bookmakers provide users with specific predictions. Make sure your bets are based on facts, not emotions. Also, don’t invest too much right away, start small and stop when it’s not fun anymore.

Staying Up To Date With Fortnite Betting Scenes

A player in a Fortnite match
A player in a Fortnite match

Unless you stay updated with Fortnite’s betting arena, your betting experience is incomplete. To keep the ball rolling, you need to know the various tournaments, competitions, and leagues offered in the betting scene. Similarly, be informed about the time frame, so you don’t miss an important match. 

One of the tournaments you should watch in Fortnite betting is the Fortnite Champion Series, with over a $12 million prize pool. Another regular league is the weekly Solo Cash Cup and Weekly Duo Cash Cup for all players. Finally, as a bonus, Friday Night Fortnite is where squads gather to fight. 

There is also an eight-week tournament called Fortnite Summer Skirmish. The prize pool for this contest is $ 500,000. All players will endeavor to earn certain points throughout the week, except for the second week

Another tournament we had to mention is the Fortnite World Cup, which has a $ 30 million prize pool. To crown it all, players also have the opportunity to participate in mid-year and end-of-year Fortnite tournaments.


Are you looking for a new eSports game with exciting offers and an immersive gaming experience? Then, Fortnite is the best choice for you. In addition to this game, there are juicy bonuses and regular rewards to increase your bankroll.


Can you make money with Fortnite Betting?

Yes! You can earn a ton of money from Fortnite betting. Besides, the game features doozy games and leagues full of insane rewards and promotions campaigns.

Is it legal to bet on Fortnite in the USA?

Absolutely! Esports games like Fortnite are legalized for all players in the United States.

Where can I watch esports matches?

You can watch your favorite and competitive Fortnite esports matches on Twitch.tv, and YouTube.

Where do I find match betting predictions for Fortnite?

As Fortnite’s betting scene grows, most bookmakers offer players many betting predictions. Therefore, you have to compare predictions from different sources before making a bet.

What are the most popular Fortnite teams?

The best and top-ranked Fortnite teams include FaZe Clan, Lazarus, NRG eSports, Team  Liquid, Sentinels, 100 Thieves, Team SoloMid, Ghost Gaming, Team Kungarna, Team Atlantis, Team Secret, Luminosity Gaming, and many more.

Can you use cryptocurrency or PayPal to bet?

Yes! Cryptocurrencies and Paypal are undoubtedly the safest way to bet on esports games like  Fortnite. However, you can also use other e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.