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The Complete Overwatch Betting Guide July 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top Overwatch esports betting sites on the market and put them in one place.
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Overwatch is one of the few online video games that passed with flying colors in the esports world. What makes this game outstanding is the blending of First-Person Shooting(FPS) mode with the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) concept. Less than a year after its release, rumor has it that Blizzard made more than $1 Billion profit on this game. That is not a surprise since it has lured more than 50 million gamers in less than three years. Today, it is one of the greatest and most sought-after esports games

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Different classes in Overwatch

So why is the game so popular anyways? No online video game encourages unity and teamwork like Overwatch. Without working alongside other players, reaching your objectives could be like building a castle in the air. It is also players’ favorite because of regular updates on the game. 

Monstergames helps players find the best Overwatch gaming platforms. Our search team also looks for other basic information to help you win big. 

Although Overwatch is an online game with higher chances of making a lot of money, it is not the only option available in this matter. Esports games like Counter “Strike Global Offensive offers match betting while Fortnite, Call of Duty, Valorant, and many more can also make a fortune for you. However, millions of gamers prefer Overwatch because:

  • It provides room for professional competitions
  • Players enjoy different kinds of games played uniquely
  • Get more playing content without paying too much
  • Top notch style and speed
  • Safe respawn area but often far from where the main action is taking place`
  • Single-player mode is not available
  • Skill-based match making, meaning good players are always matched with same level players, it can get frustrating when you start from the bottom

Continue reading to see the best Overwatch site for you, strategies and tips to win big and step-by-step explanations on how to play this game.

The Best Overwatch Betting Sites 2022

Besides learning how to play this game, we bet you’re also on the look for the best Overwatch betting sites with pretty awesome perks. So, here is our list of esports betting sites after considering several important factors and conditions such as license, safe transaction, great bonus and promotions.

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How To Start Betting On Overwatch

It’s not always easy to bet on a game unless you learn the ropes. With that in mind, this section will help you easily start your Overwatch betting journey. Learn how the game works, the sure bets available, and basic betting tips to play the game and win all marbles. Let’s get started!

How The Game Works

Overwatch is an exciting game for esports fans. This video game is based on 6v6 gameplay with one team as attackers and the other as defenders. Note that both teams can switch up after every round.  

When it comes to the game, teams can win maps by completing one of two strategic goals in the game. One of the goals is for the attacking team to push the payload to reach a certain point. Also, each checkpoint gives you a chance to get new spawns and enough time to complete tasks. Another goal is to maintain a style that allows an attacker to enter a particular area and hold it for some time.

Remember that Overwatch features 21 playable characters, each with its uniqueness and abilities. However, the player can choose any of the four positions for each character. These classes are:


Offense players are accustomed to doing as much damage as possible. These players are used to track all major enemy heroes. As you can imagine, they are powerful, fast, and unique. But their main ultimate ability is to kill enemies quickly. Some of the characters in this category include Pharah, Hanzo, Reaper, and Tracer.


Players in defensive positions plant bombs and armored tank tops in areas of intense attack. Characters such as Bastion, Widowmaker, and Torbjorn are perfect for these positions. They also serve as the background to Offense and Tank players.


Simply put, tank heroes protect teammates by absorbing and redirecting unexpected damage. There are many characters in this category, but they are slow and just as powerful. Examples of players in this position are Reinhardt and Winston.


As its name implies, players in these classes help other teammates achieve their goals. They especially supply sustenance to all Defensive and Tank players on the battlefield. Heroes such as Mercy, Zenyatta, and Symmetra are ideal.

Game Modes

Additionally, it’s also important to know that the game have different maps, and each works in four competitive game modes. These Overwatch game modes are:


This is one of Overwatch’s most popular game modes. Each team fights for high-priority areas in this mode and claims the best of the three challenges. Each round in this mode has different target areas in map parts. For example, the control map includes Lijian Tower, Nepal, Oasis, Busan, and Ilios. One great fact about this game mode is that teams can ban maps by turn. However, the ban process depends on the tournament you have played. Therefore, the overall outcome of the game can be influenced by the game plan.


The main aim of the assault game mode is for both teams to capture points and defend against all overwatch maps in the mode. Maps for this mode are Paris, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, Hanamura, and Volskaya Industries. This mode and Conquest in the Battlefield series are like the two peas in the pods. But we must point out that teamwork makes dreams come true.


Hybrid is a node between all the popular modes in this game. At the beginning of the game, both teams compete to capture points. After that, the game goes directly into escort game mode. The Hybrid Overwatch Map includes Numbani, Hollywood, Eichenwalde, Blizzard World, and King’s Row.


The objective of the Escort mode often referred to as the “payload,” is for the attacking team to move the payload to the target point. And the defender’s job is to prevent the payload from reaching its destination before time runs out. The wagon will move as the player stands in the area. The more heroes on the team are within range, the faster the movement will be. However, the victory zone depends on the map. The Overwatch map for this mode includes Rialto, Dorado, Havana, Route 66, Gibraltar, and Junkertown.

Types of bets

Exclusive betting on Overwatch is not limited to general betting types. In fact, this game is best known for its exotic betting markets. The prevalent bets you can place on Overwatch include:

Match Winner/ Correct Result

Like most esports games, Match Winner is one of Overwatch’s traditional betting types. Betting on this type of bet is a clinch. First, you need to predict which team will win the given game. Whether you choose an attacker or a defender as the winner, you will win your bets if your forecast is correct.

Outright Winner

This is another special betting market for Overwatch. No debate! This bet is fascinating, but it’s often available only in tournaments. At this point, you should know that you need to pick the winner of the entire tournament. Due to its simplicity, players can choose their favorite team as the winner.


Handicap bet is also one of the classic type of Overwatch bets. Also known as spread betting, each match requires you to guess the correct result based on the length of the match. These bets should consider the position and success of each esports team. However, know that Overwatch Handicap Markets does not offer a draw. Another esports

Total Kills (Team and Player)

Totals are the most common betting market among gamers around the world. This type of bet is available on all major eSports. However, for Overwatch matches, the total is based on the total number of kills for a particular team or a player’s total number of kills. Therefore, the one you choose to bet on depends on your liking.

Player vs. Player Kills

This is another special bet on overwatch games. Note that this betting market is also based on total kills. But instead of betting on the total number of kills for the team and the player, you only have to focus on the two players. You need to predict the player with the highest kill count. Familiarize yourself with each player’s skills and practice games to do this properly.

Live Betting

If there’s one exciting fact about Overwatch, it’s her live betting option. With this option, the game is often more interesting and betting becomes more lucrative. Players don’t have to decide which team to support immediately with these options. Instead, live streaming option allows players to watch all games and study the behavior of all teams to make safe bets. You can participate in Overwatch in-play bets. This option will bring you big wins based on your predictions. In addition, you can place bets on Overwatch’s live-stream games and tournaments.

Betting Odds

It’s extremely risky to bet on Overwatch without learning the odds system. No matter what bet you want to place, you need to know how to calculate the odds of winning. One of the popular odds systems for Overwatch is the decimal odds formatted as (.). For example, an odds of 1.8 means that if you bet $1, you will win $1.80. 

Also, all Overwatch bets are more likely to hit Moneyline odds, which behave like American odds. These types of odds are very easy to find at first glance. It is represented by + or -. In addition, they are easy to calculate. The sign indicates the amount you have to bet to win a certain amount.

There are also fractional odds. The main advantage of these odds is that the player can calculate the odds of winning any bet. For example, if you bet $5 on your team with odds of 5/1, the payout is 5x $5=$25.

However, do remember that most sportsbooks are designed for profit and each of them offers different odds, sometimes one is more accurate than the other. So even if the team you support is competent, there is no guarantee that you will win the bet. Besides, all games are based on luck.

Betting Tips

Luckily, you can learn some tips before betting on Overwatch. Start by analyzing each game and get to know the teams. Then, gather as much information as possible about each Overwatch match before making a bet. Also, get head-to-head records of the strengths and flaws of each team and player to make the right decision about the winner. 

Another best way to gain an edge in overwatch gambling is to compare odds. Therefore, do not place a bet immediately after conducting an investigation. Instead, view, compare and use the best odds to bet on each game, every cent counts.

Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the bet types to make smart betting decisions. Avoid betting on every Overwatch match. Instead, take one step at a time and play with a moderate amount and bet responsibly.

Staying Up To Date With Overwatch Betting Scenes

A player in the middle of the Overwatch league match
Overwatch League (OWL)

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a new player, you need to keep up with the latest happenings to enjoy this game. Of course, the Overwatch betting scene has an astonishing number of tournaments, competitions, and leagues. Each tournament has a huge prize pool. 

At this point, we’re sure you can’t wait to enjoy these offers. Let’s take a look at the tournaments available. One of the most popular tournaments is the Overwatch League (OWL), which started in 2017. The league features 20 teams representing 20 major cities around the world. Overwatch teams compete each year for one season, with large payments ultimately reaching $1 million. 

The second-highest level of competition is Overwatch Contender. Most Overwatch teams are in this league. This tournament consists of 68 teams divided into eight competitive areas. The league will be held for nine months. In 2019, another major tournament called the Overwatch World Cup was launched. This game is a far cry from other tournaments. It’s the toughest of all Overwatch competitions. However, keep in mind that your team will receive league points and a huge prize pool each time you win a league. Therefore, always check with your betting platform and stay informed about the due dates for each league, so you don’t miss out.


Overwatch provides players with a convenient and exciting gaming experience. Players will never run out of exclusive offers for the game since it is becoming part of the popular esports ecosystem. Note! When you stop winning, stop playing. Start small and avoid betting more than you can afford. Unlike other esports games, Overwatch does not officially support skin trading unlike `CSGO and Rust. Unfortunately so far, it is limited to real money gambling and play money.


Can you make money with Overwatch Betting?

Sure! You can make a quick buck playing Overwatch, especially if you’re a top gamer. 
Players also earn from all the winning competitions. Also, remember that there are plenty of competitive tournament actions with huge prize pools for you to enjoy.

Is it legal to bet on Overwatch in the USA?

Like all traditional esports bets, overwatch bets are not legal in all states of the United States. Still, you are not deprived of your right to play Overwatch. All you have to do is go through the fine for a legalized sports betting platform for US citizens. For convenience, we recommend that you register on a foreign gambling site or use vpn to your discretion.

Where can I watch esports matches?

Overwatch esports matches are exclusively live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch Tv. 

Where do I find match betting predictions for Overwatch?

To be honest, you can find many impressive match betting predictions on various Overwatch game forums. However, each forecast needs to be carefully considered to decide which bet to place.

What are the most popular Overwatch teams?

Popular Overwatch teams include Shanghai Dragons, Los Angeles Gladiators, Dallas Fuel, Atlanta Reign, San Francisco Shock, Vancouver Titans, Florida Mayhem, RunAway, etc.

Can you use cryptocurrency or PayPal to bet?

Players can use cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to fund their accounts on most Overwatch gaming platforms. They also accept deposits and withdrawals via e-wallet options such as Paypal.