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Top CSGO Jackpot Sites in January 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top CSGO sites on the market and put them in one place.
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CSGO jackpot is another skin gambling game you would enjoy. However, finding the right platform to place your bet can require time-consuming research. To ensure you don’t fall into the wrong hands, we have done our research on this particular game and came up with a list of the top and trusted gaming sites where you can play jackpot using CSGO skins. Let’s dive in!

CSGO jackpot interface via CSGO Howl
Starting a new pot, CSGO jackpot interface via CSGO Howl

What is CSGO Jackpot?

As the name suggests, CSGO jackpot is the classic jackpot game but with a Counter Strike spin on it. The game is both exciting and simple, perfect to end the evening after a long day at work. All you need to do is load your skins into a pot the site provides. In return, the platform gives you some tickets in value for the skins you have provided in the pot. It is important to know that the number of tickets you get depends on the number of skins deposited.

One of the tickets is then picked out of the hundreds or thousands in the pot. If your ticket is selected, you will have your skins as well as others’ skins deposited in the pot. If the reverse happens, you lose as many tickets as you have bought.

The online jackpot is available in different varieties, ranging from the popular 1v1 jackpot to the low jackpot games. Some of the features and benefits shared amongst them include but are not limited to: 

  • Higher chances of winning thousands worth of skins
  • You can purchase as many tickets as possible
  • The game is available in a different style

Our priority here is to ensure you play where there are enough exclusive bonuses and promotions. All our reviews are unbiased and we do our best to give you in-depth gaming guides.

What is a Low or Small Jackpot?

This jackpot game is a mini version of the original game. Neither the wager nor the reward is big, but it is still fun for sure. The upside is you don’t need to trade a lot of valuable skins for a ticket and you can still expect to win a decent amount. If you are new to the CSGO jackpot world, then we recommend playing this version first before transitioning to the normal jackpot. We must say this game is a perfect option for players with limited expensive skins to wager. Also, the risk of losing thousands of dollars of skin is low. If you search “Cheap CSGO gambling sites” on Google, chances are you’re going to find small or low jackpots listed on those sites.

Most Trusted Online CSGO Jackpot Sites In 2022

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Cheap CSGO gambling sites

Some of you players only are looking mostly for gambling sites where to play with a very little amount or for free. If you wish, we recommend you to head over to which will allow you to get a daily CSGO case opening and try to get a nice nest egg of money. Surely recommended to try it out before you wager your skin further in the jackpot.


Whether you choose to play the expensive jackpot game, the 1v1 option, or the low jackpot, there is always the opportunity to win everything in the pot. However, it is essential to know that the bigger your bet, the higher your winning chances. Likewise, the opportunity to win big also depends on the number of players involved in the game. Even with little money, you can be lucky to win thousands of skins.

With the aim of winning precious skins in mind, remember that betting is risky and you can lose it all while playing. Avoid playing with a lot of money and never see betting as a means to get rich quickly.

How to play

It’s easy to learn this game and gamble your skins. Once you know the ropes, then you have a higher chance to win big in no time. Here are four perquisites you need to know to play this online casino game like a pro. Go on and continue reading…

Betting skins in CSGO jackpot as shown on OfficialFlaws Youtube channel
Betting skins in CSGO jackpot as shown on OfficialFlaws Youtube channel

Basic Rules

Well, there are no rules to the jackpot, usually, the game allows between 2 to 4 people to participate. To start playing you need to find a trusted platform and create a Steam inventory account. Next, you need to deposit a CSGO or VGO skin before you can participate in a jackpot round. One savvy fact about this game is that it’s all about tickets. Get one ticket for every $ 0.01 skin you deposit. In other words, the total number of tickets you receive depends on the value of the items you have deposited in your Steam account.

The CSGO jackpot begins when every player puts their ticket in the pot. So, place a bet and wait for the wheel to spin. If the virtual dice land on your ticket then you win. It’s essential to know that quality is more important than quantity in this skin gambling game. Thus, regardless of the number of skins deposited the players with the most valuable items have a higher chance of winning the game. The best but also risky part of this casino game is that the winner takes all the skins in the pots and nothing remains.

Game features

There are no CSGO games without their unique features and CSGO Jackpot is no exception. It’s fair to say, Jackpot has some distinct features that make it sit at the top of the pile. Some of these traits include:

  • Accept multiple players
  • Gamblers can pick the skins to deposit
  • Tickets are chosen randomly
  • Dependent on the worth of the items
  • The winner takes it all

Bonus games

CSGO Jackpot comes with insane rewards and an appealing promotional campaign. In fact, jackpots out-do other casino games for this factor. That’s the reason thousands of players regularly select this game. This bonus also gives players a chance to win accumulated skins on the platform, but of course, the reward systems of each site vary.

A welcome bonus and free spins are waiting for you after signing up at your favorite gaming site. In most cases, the platform gives new players the best exclusive promo code to start in the skin gambling world. With this new punters have a chance to play the game before making deposits.

CSGO Jackpot sites also have other special bonuses such as deposit bonuses, daily rewards, and weekly or occasional offers. You can also earn a referral bonus if you bring your friends to play along. Many platforms have loyalty programs for all long-term customers as well.

Probabilities and RTP

CSGO Jackpot works hand in hand with probabilities. Even though Jackpot is a game of chance, the odds of winning are simple. You should know that the basis for winning a Jackpot game is the value of the deposited skin.

If you pile up an item of incomparable value, then you have a chance to win against other players. For example, if the skin is worth 40% of the player’s deposit pot, the chance of winning the pot is 40%. We can safely assume that if players put an item in the pot, the player will get an equivalent win rate. Conveniently enough, the return to player (RTP) is 100%. Please be reminded that most forums charge 0-10% for all winnings. The remaining total is basically your profit. Rest assured that most legit jackpot betting sites do operate under a fair system and the winner will be chosen randomly.

Tips and Strategy

Jackpot is a game of luck, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to increase your chances of winning a pot. You only need to take a calculated risk and not play more than you can afford. We also recommend gamblers monitor other players’ betting patterns and amounts. This makes it easier to predict your chances before joining the pot. Since the CSGO jackpot involves matches against other players, you need a strategy to increase your winning opportunities.

Pot Sniping is one of the popular tactics for the Jackpot game. This strategy suggests joining the pot in the last few minutes before the set time ends. It is based on the fact that you should make a big bet to outrun the odds of other players. With a 50% margin, you have a chance to win your bet. Apart from that, other players have little or no time to react to your bet. The only downside to pot sniping is that high stakes mean you might lose more if you don’t win.

A player betting all of his precious skins in one round via Juicy Youtube channel
A player betting all of his precious skins in one round via Juicy Youtube channel

Another important strategy is Baiting. In most cases, it works well between two players. The gist of this tactic is to deposit your precious skin first, then wait for other players to put some items on top. Once that’s done, fire the spot with a more valuable skin that supersedes the skins of other teams. Your odds will increase consequently.

Games Variant

There are different types of jackpot games, which include 1v1 Jackpots, 2v2 Jackpots, and small and mini Jackpots. You should note that these games are slightly different from each other as we’ve explained earlier. All you have to do is carefully go through the fines and know how to play it well.

We’re pleased to write that there are other games you can play aside from jackpot. You can wager on famous casino games such as CSGO minesweeper, CSGO dice, coinflip, roulette, and more. Each game is fun and we’re sure you will enjoy the experience.


Aside from the fact that it’s easy to play, the jackpot is also extremely fun to engage in. The game gives players the chance to win lucrative skins and trade-in returns for a huge profit. So we conclude, that everything about CSGO Jackpot is well worth a trial.


How to choose the best CSGO jackpot sites?

Selecting honest CSGO gambling sites isn’t easy and with more popping up this makes it even more difficult to discern the good from the bad. We strongly advise players to check if the website has a wide range of payout methods, and safety measures and operates with a provably fair system. There’s still more to look out for, head to this article for more information to protect yourself from fraud.

What is the probability of winning in the CSGO Jackpot?

The chance of winning is equivalent to how valuable or the number of skins you wager. Refer to our article above on probabilities, RTP, and jackpot tips or strategies.

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