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The Complete Guide to CSGO Betting in June 2024

We’ve gathered information from the top CSGO sites on the market and put them in one place.
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In the Esports world, CSGO is not only popular, but it is also a thrilling online game. Many people prefer this game because of its options to play for skins or real money. However, because of the fear of being scammed, players often choose to only wager with skins.

CSGO Major Championships
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships

But since you have made up your mind to start playing for real money, we would ensure you have the best experience betting on this esports. At MonsterGames, we help punters locate the right esports sites for them with tips to win big. In this article, you will learn about the top and safe gaming sites with insane promotions and bonuses to play CSGO match betting.

Top CSGO Betting Sites in 2024

As promised, here are the best and most reliable sites to gamble and play CSGO games. Every platform included in the list offers exclusive bonuses whether you are a new or existing player. We also verify these sites to ensure that they are licensed, safe, and up to standard. Some of the factors we considered include license, feedback from punters, payment options, customer support options, site layout, and many other important features.

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How to Start Betting on CSGO

As you are getting familiar with the various CSGO betting sites, we will take you through the step-by-step guide on how to start betting on CSGO. Like traditional sports betting, putting your wager on CSGO is a simple and interesting process. Without further ado, here are the steps!

How the game works

As a competitive esports, CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is played as a 5v5 battle between two important teams: “Terrorists” and “Counter-Terrorist”. Simple right? But there’s more to this!

Be aware that each CSGO match consists of the best of 1 map such as BO1 format, B03, and BO5. But now the BO1 format is only best for groups and smaller tournaments. BO3 and B05 on the other hand are usually perfect for playoff matches and tournament finals.

CSGO esports betting interface on Stake Casino
CSGO match betting interface on Stake Casino

Note that each game has 30 rounds, and the first team to win 16 rounds wins the map. In addition, each team has the option to change sides after 15 rounds. Regardless of the rounds played, you need to know that the purpose of the terrorist team is to put a bomb in a specific place and that of the Counter-Terrorists is to protect the territory. The terrorist wins when no one survives a successful bomb explosion while the counter-terrorists win after the bomb has been deactivated.

CSGO features 9 different game modes. The rundown includes Danger Zone, Retakes, Flying Scotsman, Wingman, Demolition, Arms Race, Deathmatch, Casual, and Competitive mode.

Type of bets

For CSGO betting, you can choose from a wide range of betting markets. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with each bet type before making a bet. These CSGO bet types include:

Round Winner

This is one of CSGO’s most popular bets that is very simple. All you have to do is choose the team you think will win a particular round of the game. You can simply bet on the terrorists or the counter-terrorists as the winner. If your predictions are correct, you win the bet.

Outright Winner

Outright Winners is another special bet on CSGO. This bet type works well in tournament play. So, it refers to the winner of the entire CSGO game tournament. Note! When it comes to this betting type, you have the chance to choose your favorite team to win.

Total Kills

Totals are a common bet among gamblers around the world. However, in the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the total is how many T and CT members have been killed. But you have to be careful. The team you choose depends on your research and the techniques you want to use.


Even though this bet is a little bit complicated, as long as you know how it works, you’ll find it interesting. Otherwise known as spread betting, Handicap betting requires players to predict the correct score based on the match-ups.

Live Betting

One interesting fact about CSGO is the availability of live betting which make the game that much more exciting. This allows players to bet on CSGO betting in real-time. Most CSGO games and tournaments are available with live streaming options. More importantly, you also have the option to take part in CSGO’s in-play bets. One big draw about the option is that it prevents punters from making hasty decisions and it increases your winning opportunities since you can wait for the game to start before wagering.

How To Find The Best Betting Odds

Irrespective of your betting experience or strategies, your potential outcome depends on picking the correct odds. Meanwhile, knowing how the odds work will keep you ahead of your competitors. However, it is essential to know that these odd systems change from time to time.

Betting odds come in Fractional, Decimal, or American format. You only need to choose the one that suits you best and know how to calculate them correctly. Since the decimal odds are popular on many sites, we will explain them here. To calculate decimal odds, you need to multiply your wager by the odds you choose (stakes x odds). For example, if your stake is $100 and you place your bet on Trasko against Endpoint with odds of 3.55, if the outcome is as predicted, your winning will be $100 x 3.55, which is $355.

It is not only advisable but also wise to compare the odds against each other. However, know that the favorite to win the round often gets smaller odds while the underdog takes the higher odds. Besides the pre-match odds, you can also check for the live odds. One advantage of the live odds over the pre-match odds is the flexibility to make your changes or decisions anytime.

For instance, if you use the live odds system in a match between HAVU with 1.65 odds against Finest with 2.1 odds, Finest’s odds go down if it has the potential of winning the game while HAVU odds move up.

Most of the odds available for each match on the CSGO platforms are accurate but don’t forget that it’s simply a game of chance. So regardless of the odds provided, there is no guarantee that you will always win the bets. Besides, betting on a bookmaker is a business and they aim to make a profit from you.

Betting Tips

Fortunately, there are various tips and tricks you can use to improve your chance to win at CSGO betting. First, do thorough research about the event you want to bet on, and have the best available information to choose wisely. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and the strategy of each game. This will help you make a fair number of bets.

Regardless of the team you support, check the team’s rating and game history to increase your winning chances. We don’t want you to continue betting only to end up on the losing side. Similarly, you can check the skills and profile of each player. Above all, don’t forget to check the odds of the game before placing a bet.

Another important betting tip is playing with a minimum or reasonable amount for starting. So if you lose your first bet, you would still have money to continue as you gain more experience. 

Staying Up To Date With CSGO Betting Scenes

To enjoy a thrilling betting experience, you need to keep up to date with the betting scenes. It is important to know the famous competition offered on the platform as most of these tournaments come with various prize pools and lineups.

These tournaments include ESL ONE, BLAST Premier, ESL Pro League, and many more. More importantly, watch out for the CSGO Major Championship proudly sponsored by valve. It has a prize pool of over $ 1,000,000. That’s huge, right? That’s not all! You can also keep an eye out for events such as Champions Cup, cs-summit, Gamers Club Masters, DreamHack Open, 99Liga, and many more. All you need to do is check the website frequently for each game’s due date and don’t miss out on it. With this, you can easily add wads of cash to your pocket.


For sure, betting on CSGO matches is interesting and fun-filled. As much as it’s fun, there’s a need to bet responsibly. Do consider that most of these gambling platforms also accept CSGO skins. So start with what you have and increase your stakes with cryptocurrencies or fiat once you get used to the odds and CSGO betting arena. Remember, no rush! Hasty climbers have sudden falls. So, take one step at a time.

Meanwhile, if betting isn’t the only thing that interests you, you can check other guides on specific games such as Coinflip, Crash, and Roulette and maybe win the Jackpot!


Can you make money with CSGO betting?

Yes! You can earn good money from CSGO betting. That’s because each CSGO game comes with different bonuses and promotions. But know that it’s a game determined by luck. Needless to say, don’t consider CSGO as a source of income so you don’t fall victim to gambling addiction.

Is there a strategy to win a bet?

There is virtually no strategy to guarantee you win your bet. You can only use some specific techniques to improve your chances of winning the game.

Where do I find betting predictions for CSGO Match?

Most of the CSGO betting forums offer players predictions for various events. All you have to do is check the platform betting page for accurate predictions.

What are the most popular teams in CSGO?

CSGO Popular teams include Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Gambit, Heroic, G2 Esports, Furia, Virtus Pro, Fnatic, Complexity, Vitality and many more.
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