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Top CSGO Case opening sites in July 2024

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Whether you are a lover of VALORANT or Apex Legends, fighting with the right weapons and firearms will always put you on the winning side. However, many skins on the market today are so expensive that most people won’t be able to afford them.

Fortunately, with case opening sites, you can be lucky to open the AK-47 Orbit Mk01 you have always been dreaming of. In this post, you will learn about the best containers to open, the trusted sites to try your luck, and how the game works. Let’s get started from here!

Farmskin's Gaben's Store
Gaben’s store on Farmskins where you can upgrade your skins using bullets

With so many CSGO sites for gambling on the market today, picking the right platform can be tricky. We have made the necessary research for you and here are the legal and trusted betting sites to open cases.

Rest assured that we have a certain standard when it comes to selecting these sites and they include promo codes and other bonuses for you.

Most Trusted Case Opening Sites With Promo Code 2024

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The best site for Case Battles – Datdrop

Case battle on Datdrop
Case battle on Datdrop

Datdrop is one of the oldest and most popular sites for case battles. They’ve had more than 2 million players over the years and so far have opened over 165 million cases. That’s incredible, right? That’s because of their case battle called “Battle Royale”. Basically, it allows players to bet against each other in a big group and then split the winnings. Of course, the final winner of multiple rounds gets to pick the most expensive item. Players can also pick “all or nothing” mode where the final winner gets ALL the loots. Risky? yeah. Worth it? If you win, hell yeah!

The best site for BTC withdrawals – Farmskins

Farmskins is one of the top case opening platforms that allows crypto withdrawals. Since its existence in 2016, this platform has become one of the reliable case opening sites on the shelves. Besides a wide range of withdrawal methods, Farmskins gives daily giveaways of different skins and bonuses such as free cases, coins, additional balance, and so on. The site also updates its latest skins collection quite frequently and they are available for a limited time only. Have we mentioned you can upgrade your skins through Gaben’s Store instead of buying a completely new one? yeah, you can also do that.

Good for opening expensive cases – Hellcase

With over three million users monthly, Hellcase is the place if you’re on the hunt for premium skins. Bear in mind that the price for premium case keys is way more expensive than the ordinary cases and the site is not putting the drop rate of each case on display. Out of the items in the case, it appears that the knife is the hardest one to get. When you win valuable items, we recommend you to look into selling them at a trusted CSGO trading site to boost your profit further, but you guys probably already know that. Here’s a glimpse of experience opening their premium cases.

Best for making your own cases – Skinhub

Skinhub's drop rate for each cases
Skinhub review by MojoOnPc showing the drop rate of each case

If you want to treat case opening or skin trading as a business, Skinhub is your best bet. The site allows you to create your custom cases and you will earn a 1% profit on any opened CSGO cases you created. Skinhub guarantees that their items are always in stock with the swap feature. If the items you’re looking for are not in stock anymore, you can swap them for another item of the same value. The site also displays the actual drop rate of their cases, so you can mitigate risk when hunting down specific skin. You can also decide your own drop rate when you create your custom case to sell. To know more features on skinhub, watch this youtube review.

What Is CSGO Case Opening?

CSGO case opening is one of the most interesting games in the gambling market today. This online game involves opening different containers with the hope of picking the case containing the weapon you want. It is one of the easiest means of obtaining colorful and well-designed skins. CSGO offers in-game case openings, however, the probabilities of obtaining valuable items are very low. Therefore, a lot of players are looking at case opening sites to increase their chance of obtaining rare items.

You should know that case opening isn’t free. You need to pay some money for the case and key to open the box. However, the cost of each container depends on what the case contains. This online game is a fair one as you would know what items are available in the case before you purchase any. Often, each case contains a rare special item which is always in yellow design, two red items, three pink weapons, five purple skins, and seven blue weapons. After opening the case, you can always exchange the item in the container for real money or skins. In fact, you can play with any commodity the case gives you. Other important features you need to know about case opening include:

  • No lose but cheap skins in the game
  • You need to own a Steam account to play
  • Cases drop randomly after every game you play
  • There is only one attempt to open a case

For every information you need about the CSGO case opening system and the latest containers to open, MonsterGames is the right place to go. All you get from this site are unbiased casino and game reviews, in-depth game guides, and lots more.

What is a case battle?

A case battle is similar to a case opening. However, this game is much more competitive than the former. As the name implies, you must fight your way to the winner’s seat.

It involves buying a case and key like other players on the site. But this time, the reward is shared collectively instead of individually. After opening the case, if you find that your box has the most valuable item, you will take other players’ rewards too.

A case battle is arguably riskier than a case opening. The probability to win is 50/50 and it is easy to lose all when playing it. What makes this game stand out is that the risk you take can get you the most expensive skin alongside other valuable items from other players.


CSGO fans love this game because of the reward that comes with it. Rather than purchasing skins with a lot of money, the case opening option helps you obtain your dream weapon, sometimes only with a small cost. You can also open as many cases as possible, allowing you to have access to numerous weapons whenever you want to game after a long day at work. On the other hand, the case battle option offers you the opportunity to win a lot of CSGO skins with little money.

However, you should always have in mind that gaming is risky when you open cases. Whenever it seems you are more on the losing side, it is advisable to quit. Remember, never play with third-party money or money you can’t afford to lose.

How To Play And What To Expect

Playing a game without knowing how it works is like running without strolling. Luckily, to play CSGO Case Opening, you don’t need to bother about any guidelines, you only need to understand the basic skills. It’s undoubtedly true that opening CSGO Cases and getting skins is one reason why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sparkled.

But, know that opening cases come with high-risk offers and it’s entirely based on luck. You can either make hundreds of thousands of dollars or end up getting worthless items. It’s important for us to also point out that the CSGO Cases provide Knives, Gloves, and weapon skins. While some skins are affordable, some might cost an arm and a leg. To open a CSGO Case, you need to obtain them first. But to unlock them you need to purchase the correct case key. Heads Up! You can only use a specific key once. You can get the keys randomly after each match or from Steam Community Market or other trading sites. Each key is sold for a different price, ranging from 4 cents to 30 cents on average.

Odds or probability of getting certain items

The chance of getting particular skins depends on how many cases are opened. According to Valve, for each case opened there is a 10% chance of getting a StatTrak skin while the chance of getting special items is 0.26%. However, according to Perfect World, the probability of getting blue, purple, pink, red, and yellow skin in 125.12 cases is 79.92, 15.98%, 3.2%, 0.64%, and 0.26%. You can also check out Anomaly’s 24-hour open stream for more details on CSGO case odds.

Ultimately, weapon skins are the easiest to get in any open CSGO case. These items include AWP/Lightning Strike, AK47/Case Hardened, Glock18/Dragon Tattoo, AUG/Wings, M4A1S/Dark Water, and many more. On the other hand, knives and gloves are the rarest special items to find in the case. Some of the rare skins are

  • StratTrak” Karambit Ultraviolet,
  • Bayonet / Doppler,
  • StatTrak M9 Bayonet / Fade,
  • M9 Bayonet / Crimson Web,
  • Classic Knife,
  • Shadow Daggers,
  • Broken Fang Gloves / Needle Point,
  • Drivers Gloves / Black Tie,
  • and others.

Best CSGO Cases To Open For Profit

With countless choices accessible on the steam market, selecting the best CSG0 cases to open can feel like an absolute minefield. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the 7 best CSGO cases to open for profit. Let’s dive in right away!

1.    Operation Broken Fang Case (Released December 3, 2020)

Broken Fang is one of the most profitable cases to open. What sets this case aside is its attractive skins items. Currently, it’s one of the very affordable cases to open with a modest price of $0.65. It features 24 unique pairs of glove combinations. However, know that the prices of each item in the case differ.

Some of the items in the box include M4A1-S/ Printstream, M4A4/ Cyber security, AWP/ Exoskeleton, Five-SeveN/ Fairy Tale, G3SG1 Digital Mesh, SSG 08/ Parallax, USP-S/ Monster Mashup, M249 Deep Relief, P250/ Contamination, Dual Berettas/ Dezastre and more. You only need Operation Broken Fang Case Key to open the Operation Broken Fang Case.

2.    Glove Case (Released November 28, 2016)

The Glove case is one of the rarest weapons CSGO skins on the steam market. One big draw of this case is that it’s a cheap shot. The starting price for this case is $0.30. As if that’s not enough reason, you can trade any of these skins and gain hundreds of dollars. Do you know that this case can turn a profit on your first opening? Yes, it can! You only need to purchase a Glove case key to open the case with ease.

In Glove Case, you will find any of the 17 unique skins such as SSG 08/ Dragonfire, M4A4/ Buzz Kill, FAMAS/ Mecha Industries, P90/ Shallow Grave, USP-S/ Cyrex, M4A1-S/ Flashback, Dual Berettas/ Royal Consorts, MP9/ Sand Scale, Sawed-Off/ Wasteland Princess, CZ75-Auto/ Polymer, and more.

3.    Prisma Case (Released March 13, 2019)

Loots from Prisma 2 Case, recently released in 2020
Loots from Prisma 2 Case, recently released in 2020

Prisma Case is another budget-friendly CSGO case to open for profit. With just $0.02, you can get the items in the case. However, you need to buy a standard Prisma Case key before you can open the Prisma Case. As a bonus, this weapon case features 24 special knives including Talon Knife, Navaja Knife, Ursus Knife, and more.

The Prisma Case also features 17 rare skins such as Desert Eagle/ Light Rail, MAC-10/ Whitefish, Tec-9/ Bamboozle, FAMAS/ Crypsis, P250/ Verdigris, R8 Revolver/ Skull Crusher, AUG/ Momentum, Five-SeveN/ Angry Mob, M4A4/ the Emperor, AK-47/ Uncharted, AWP/ Atheris, Galil AR/ Akoben, and others.

4.    CS20 Case (Released October 18, 2019)

Next on the list is CS20 Case. Like others, this box is pretty cheap. With just 20 cents, you can have this case at your disposal on the steam marketplace. One special feature of this outstanding case is the Classic knife. This item is a rare skin of all time. Remember that you can only get this Knife from CS20 Case.  

Open the case with CS20 Case Key and get incredible items such as Mag-7/ Popdog, Glock-18/ Sacrifice, SCAR-20/ Assault, FAMAS/ Commemoration, FAMAS/ Decommissioned, P250/ Inferno, UMP-45/ Plastique, MP5-SD/ Agent, AWP/ Wildfire, M249/ Aztec, Tec-9/ Flash Out etc.

5.    Chroma 3 Case (Released April 27, 2016)

If you did your research, you will come across this particular case for sure. Currently, its starting price is $0.03, making it one of the cheapest cases to invest in. You can win a unique Karambit Knife, Flip Knife, Bayonet, Gut Knife, and M9 Bayonet with high value. It only requires a Chroma 3 case key to be opened.

For every Chroma 3 Case you open, you will get skins including MPG/ Bioleak, SG 553/ Atlas, Dual Berettas/ Ventilators, Sawed-Off/Fubar, SSG 08/ Ghost Crusader, P250/ Asiimov, Galil AR/ Firefighter, G3SG1/ Orange Crash, MP9/ Bioleak, M249/ Spectre,  UMP-45/ Primal Saber and all.

6.    Fracture Case (Released June 8, 2020)

With a starting price of $0.04, Fracture Case is definitely worth your investment. Even though it’s dirt cheap it contains some exceptionally rare items with special value. All you need to do is to buy the Fracture Case key to open the case and find items such as Survival Knife/ Night Stripe, Shattered Web Knives, and Paracord Knife / Case Hardened.

Furthermore, there are also 17 skins in the Fracture case. These include Negev/ Ultralight, XM1014 | Entombed, Desert Eagle/ Printstream, AK-47/ Legion of Anubis, M4A4/ Tooth Fair, MAC-10/ Allure, Galil AR/ Connexion, SSG 08/ Mainframe 001, P2000/ Gnarled and many more.

7.    Danger Zone Case (Released December 6, 2018)

The Danger Zone Case is a weapon case with lots of winning potential. It contains exceedingly rare special skin items. The case price starts from $0.04. So, you can agree, that it does not require you to break up your bank. It requires a standard Danger Zone Case Key to be opened. If you’re lucky, there’s a slim chance to get one of the Horizon cases upon opening the CSGO case.

Danger Zone box contains special skins such as Nova/ Wood Fired, MP9/ Modest Threat, Galil AR/ Signal, Tec-9/ Fubar, Ak-47/ Asiimov, Desert Eagle/ Mecha Industries, Sawed-Off/ Black Sand, M4A4/ Magnesium, G3SG1/ Scavenger, USP-S/ Flashback, AWP/ Neo-Noir, MP5-SD/ Phosphor, and MAC-10/ Pipe Down.

It’s important to know that getting the top CSGO cases is easier than you think. Except for the Operation Broken Fang Case that you cannot get via in-game drops, other cases included can be received via random drops, steam markets, or third-party reselling websites. These cases can give you more opportunities to make a heap, but there are no profits guaranteed when it comes to opening cases. The best you can do is to always try taking a controlled risk.

Game Variants

Since CSGO has become a remarkable esports marketplace in the gambling world, you should expect a large selection of games to bet on. However, the market is more limited when it comes to case opening. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean there are no other enjoyable video games to gamble on. You can try CSGO coinflip, roulette, dice, CSGO minesweeper, jackpot, and many more. They offer an exhilarating gaming experience that is on par with case opening!


Seriously, CSGO Case Opening is one of the famous game markets in the scene. Despite just being about opening cases and winning beautiful skins, the experience itself is exciting. After all, there is a robust menu of cases to open. So go ahead, make your best case list, hunt them down and make a bang for your bucks.


How to choose legit CSGO Gambling sites?

Obviously, legitimate CSGO gaming sites are incredibly hard to find. That’s because there are thousands of them being used to scam people. You need to be careful when signing up on the platform and ensure it is fully authorized. Check if the site is securely encrypted for the player’s safety. Click here for more useful tips on how to choose a reputable CSGO gambling site.

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