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What is CSGO Crash?

Unlike other online games, CSGO crash gambling is a two side coin event. You are either on the losing side or the winning end. However, the probability that you are on the winning side is higher than the former. Besides its high winning chances, this event is also simple to play.

If you are all Geek about this game, it will take you a short period to become a pro. To play the crash, you need to place a bet of any amount. However, the minimum wager to place varies from one site to another. Often, the least is $10. After placing your bet, you need to watch the graph and monitor how the multiplier moves.

So, when the multiplier increases from 1x to 5x, you have won $50. However, the reward becomes yours if you cash out before the game crashes. If you don’t withdraw your winnings, you will lose all, including your wager.

Many consider this game very risky. However, we see it as one of the most exciting gaming events in the gambling world. To be on the safe side, you only need to closely watch the multiplier and take your reward when everything is in your favor.  

To make the game easier to play, top betting sites make a scoreboard where you can view your winning and losing strength. If you found this explanation exciting and would like to give it a trial, here is how to play it.

CSGO Crash on CSGORolll

How to Play CSGO Crash

As stated earlier, it is simple to play and even make a fortune with this game. However, as a beginner, you need to be familiar with the game norms and the process. How about we check out a step-by-step guide on playing CSGO crash?

Signing Up

To kick off a fantastic betting experience in the CSGO crash, you need to register with your favorite gaming site. Meanwhile, there are conditions and requirements for your registration. For instance, most sites require you to be at least 18 years or more to sign up. Likewise, you have to provide important information during the registration to keep your account and winning safe. To sign up, you can always visit the gambling site and navigate to the SIGN UP icon.


The following line of steps is to deposit a particular amount to your betting account. For some online platforms, the minimum you can deposit is $10, for others, you can keep any amount in your account. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to deposit on some websites before you enjoy this thrilling event. These sites offer you the opportunity to play demos, so you aren’t playing for real money.

However, the demo mode allows you to understand every CSGO’s norms without losing your money on trial. 

On betting websites, you can also deposit your skins in your accounts. In exchange for your skins, these platforms offer virtual currency to bet. Often, this virtual currency is available in coins. So, if you place a wager of 50 coins and take your reward at 2.00x, you have 100 wins. Meanwhile, you can only deposit via cryptocurrency in most CSGO crash gambling sites. Others allow you to pay via online wallets or Debit and Credit cards.


Once you have your skins exchanged for coins, you can start placing your wagers on a current game of Crash. Meanwhile, it is essential to know that only a single match is available at a time. If you haven’t placed your bet before the game, you would have to wait till the end of the event. Once the previous game ends, you would receive a message on the monitor. There is a gap for you to place your wager between the end of the previous game and the beginning of another.

For beginners, you need to know that this event starts with a multiplier of 1. You can see these movements in a graph displayed on your screen. The multiplier is built to increase as high as 5x and later drops to 0. To ensure that you don’t lose your wager, you should withdraw your winnings on the highest multiplier before the event crashes.

If you haven’t withdrawn your winnings before the multiplier drops to 0, you will lose your money. So, if at the beginning of the game you deposited $20 and the multiplier is at 5x, you would have $100 as your reward. Most crash sites make available the result of the previous rounds. To ensure that you have a fantastic crash gambling experience, you can find the result in the history tab. With the result, you would understand the risk you are taking.  

One tip of winning big with this game is timing. You would find many CSGO crash games with the “Auto” Feature. However, there are conditions to using the option. For instance, you need to input the particular amount you want to wager and set the multiplier to the level where you wish to cash out. With this feature, you don’t have to input any option manually as the bet takes place automatically.


If you would love to cash out your reward at the end of a session, you only need to search for the withdrawal option on the screen. Like the deposit option, many platforms offer many cash-out options. So, you can easily pick your favorite method.

Functionalities of the Game

One of the big draws of the CSGO crash games is the ability to automate the bets. Besides, this event also offers the opportunity to strategize at the maximum. The option to ensure that you are always on the winning side is the “Auto” Feature. This feature comes with so many benefits. For instance, you have the freedom to decide how to make and implement your strategies.

Likewise, it allows you to make different adjustments flexibly to the settings. This option has made a fortune for many gamers on top crash websites. Some settings eligible for adjustments include:

Bet Size

Auto Bet feature allows you to increase or reduce your bet size. So, if you are on a budget, you could easily set the game to wager a low amount of coins.

Auto Cash out Value

Besides the bet size, you can also adjust the auto cash-out value. That’s, you can pick the auto cash-out number for each event. For instance, you can automatically set the cash-out number at 5x. So, once the multiplier is on 5x, the game automatically stops, and you can take your reward.

On Loss

This setting allows you to choose between betting the same amount as a just-concluded event, decreasing or increasing the bet for upcoming rounds.

On the Win

This setting has a lot in common with the previous sets. So, after winning the last round, you can use the same amount of bet and increase or decrease it for upcoming contests.

Gamdom crash screenshot

CSGO Crash Sites

Now that you understand what this game is all about and how to play it, what is next is choosing the right CSGO crash site. However, this might not be as easy as you think. Like casinos and sportsbooks, there are several cash sites on the market today. So, picking the one that satisfies your needs might be a bit tricky. Meanwhile, you have nothing to worry about as we have a list of the top CSGO crash sites.

There you have it! The best CSGO crash sites you can play for real money. Irrespective of the platform you take a favorite, they all offer an unforgettable betting experience. Nevertheless, among these platforms, there are some crash sites designed with players’ interests in mind. The importance they give to their customers is second to none. How about we check out these sites.

Crash Gamdom

No matter how you search it, you would always find Crash Gamdom on the top CSGO crash site list. There are several reasons why this platform is one of the best. For instance, this site offers an exciting crash game to players across the globe. If you are new to the game, the site provides the “SEE HISTORY” option to check the previous games. From this log, you can easily plan for the next round. Before the next session, ensure you have placed your wager and are ready to play for the money. It is essential to know that the maximum profit you can make on this crash is $6000.

gamdom logo

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Besides the thrilling game on the platform, the website design is another feature we can’t overlook. Without any debate, Gamdom Crash is one of the stunning crash websites in the betting world. Even if you are new to the gambling industry, you would have no problem navigating around the site.

Meanwhile, this betting brand offers numerous payment methods. You can choose to deposit or cash out Skrill, Safety Pay, EcoPayz, Upi Pay, Yandex, Union Pay, Qiwi, Spey, or Visa. This site’s Rain features keep it ahead of its competitors. With this reward system, you can win free money whenever it appears in the chat. Don’t forget to sign up with the bonus code “CSGO” to enjoy unlimited bonus campaigns.

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Roobet Crash

Like Crash Gamdom, Roobet Crash is another reliable crash gambling site. This platform offers an automated cash-out option to protect your bet. Likewise, there is no highest possible outcome on the site.

Roobet logo

Roobet – crypto’s fastest-growing casino

Roobet Casino is run by a kangaroo. Hop in, chat with friends and play 1500+ slot machines, Crash gambling, and more entertaining games!

So, you can win as many coins as you can. Besides, Roobet Crash offers the “Play Demo” option to new customers. However, you need to sign-up for an account before you can play the demo.

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The Roobet Crash game is super easy. The event is designed like other top crash games. If you haven’t placed your bet before the session kick-off, you would have to wait for the next round. Two options are available for you when playing this game. You will get your reward for the first option if you take your earnings before the game crashes. If you don’t, you will lose your bet. Don’t forget, the racket goes up pretty fast. So, you have to be sure of the exact time you take your wins.

crash gambling on duelbits

This site has astonishing graphics, and the display is on mach. It designs its icons for easy and fast navigation.

How to choose the best CSGO Crash site to play at?

Beyond all doubt, there are thousands of CSGO Crash sites on the track today. Each site has different standards, features, and offers. With this in mind, selecting the top place to play might not seem as easy as you think. As a matter of fact, you can spend a lot of time doing so. Nevertheless, don’t dwell on it! Here are various factors to put in mind when choosing the best CSGO Crash site to wager on.


Are your details, deposits, and winnings safe? Is the site verified? These are questions you should ask yourself before choosing a site. However, if you find it difficult to answer that reasonably, then the site is not for you.

Every player wants to wager at safe, secured and reliable casino sites. Therefore, you need to check and make sure the site is verified. Come to think of it, all CSGO sites have to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. That’s because they offer extra security and protection to ensure all players wager on a platform with rest of mind and play responsibly.

Meanwhile, if you find it challenging to recognize a legit betting site, look out for the sign at the site’s home page, then you are good to go.

Games selection

Aside from checking the legitimacy of the crash site, another critical factor to focus on is the game selection. Indeed, you want a site that offers varieties of games to bet on. That’s why you should always check for the available crash betting game on the platforms.

Roobet Crash screenshot of the gameplay

It‘s important to know that the best betting sites provide more than quality crash betting. They offer other sensational games you can easily wager on.  These games include roulette, coin flip, raffle draws, Hilo, jackpot, CSGO blackjack, and many betting options. Note that all crash betting games come with great odds and exciting offers.

It’s undoubtedly true that gambling on the CSGO crash site with unlimited gaming options gives players chances to play for real money or even make a fortune. As a matter of fact, you tend to enjoy a fun-filled gaming experience. With this, you have a choice to make, pick the site of most preferences.

Bonuses and Promotions

There’s virtually no way you would want to play on a betting site that doesn’t have any bonus to offer, and CSGO sites are no exception. If you ask many players why they opt-in for a particular brand, the rewards are the answer.

Since crash gambling makes players’ interest their utmost priority, they ensure all players have a fantastic gaming time.

 It’s not new that most betting sites offer welcome packages to newbies, but that shouldn’t be the only criteria for choosing a CSGO crash site. There are other testimonies to check out for.

To start with, you should check the deposit bonus. More importantly, these bonuses are available on every betting site. Users can get a 100% bonus on €100, 200% on €450, and even more or less. You only need to put in mind the term and conditions applied to each promotion.

Likewise, Gamblers can use promo codes to get other gifts like free spins and free coins to wager and earn cool cash. Do you think that’s all? Then you got all wrong.

Aside from the promo codes, there are also free bets for all players. Besides, it doesn’t require any wagering. What else? Crash gambling also offers cashback. Even though this isn’t popular, you can get a refund if you lose your initial deposit but with rules applied.

Customers Supports

Suppose you have ever had any technical issues or challenges to deposit or cash out from betting sites. In that case, you will know the relevance of reliable and active customer support.

So, to avoid stories that touch the heart, ensure the CSGO crash gambling sites have loyal and top-notch customer service.

It’s advisable to use a site that provides 24 hours customer service to their customers. That’s because you can easily communicate and solve your issues at any point in time. Likewise, any site that offers a live chat option is also a great deal.

Payment Options and Guarantee

Another essential factor to consider when it comes to CSGO gambling sites is the availability of payment options. After all, there will always be a need to withdraw funds from the account.  So it would be best if you had to check and ensure you have both deposit and withdrawal accepted payment options of the site.

Also, you should be sure if you will be able to withdraw your funds. The most painful thing is using your money to bet and not cash out the winnings.

Even though many CSGO case opening sites don’t pay out players’ rewards, reputable betting platforms still payout. However, to make a healthy choice, check various customers’ reviews on the site. Then, select the one that best fits your requirement and interest.

How to Make Money on CSGO Crash? Top Crash Strategies

Making money on CSGO crash sites is hassle-free. You can make a fortune within a limited time. However, you cannot always be on the winning side. Remember we are still gambling!!!

Sometimes, you can lose your bet. Nevertheless, this should not discourage you from enjoying an exciting gambling experience.

CSGO crash with skins

But we all want to win consistently. As a result of this, some strategies and tips increase winning chances. How about we check out some of these strategies?

Martingale System

Besides being one of the most popular betting strategies, it is also one of the oldest. One big draw about this idea is the fact that it is simple to learn and utilize. Even if you are new to the game, you will find this idea super easy.

This strategy involves doubling your wager after each round. For instance, if you place a chance of $5 for the first round and lose the bet, you can bet $10 for the next one. You have to continue doubling the bet until you get a positive outcome.

One benefit of this system is that it allows you to recover from your loss quickly. For instance, with $20, you can make $40 or more, recovering more than you have lost with this method. However, many criticized it because of the high risk attached to it. If you simultaneously get negative feedback, you would soon be out of coins.

Reverse Martingale

As its name implies, this system is the opposite of Martingale. For this strategy, rather than doubling your bet, you reduce it. However, you only reduce the wager if you get a negative outcome. As long as you continue to win, you can always double your bet.

One flaw of this strategy is the fact it is unsuitable for new players. For instance, if a beginner gets negative feedback on the first bet, he will be discouraged to continue wagering. Likewise, it does not work out with some particular kinds of games.

However, if you are on a budget, you might love to consider this system. It offers you chances of losing little or no amount of bets.

Low Cash out Strategy

Like Martingale, this system is another popular strategy. This idea is available to ensure that you don’t lose all your bets. Many top CSGO crash sites often recommend cashing out your wins at as low multipliers as 1.1x to 1.5x.

However, not all betting sites have the strategy. So, if you think this system is suitable for your betting style, you should check for sites with this option.

High Cash out Strategy

This system is a reverse version of the low cash out strategy. However, it is known to come with a lot of risks. For instance, you can set the multiplier at a high number of about 6 to 8. With this strategy, you have high winning chances.

D’Alembert Strategy

D’Alembert’s strategy is one of the oldest betting systems. It has a lot of similarities with the Martingale system. However, it is not as risky as the latter. This idea requires you to double your wagers until the last bet.

But each bet would be increased by increments. The increment is the initial wager on the crash. So, if your first bet is 2, you would have to increase it by 2 until the last game.

Alternative Games for CSGO players

As stated earlier, there are a plethora of games offered by CSGO crash. Meanwhile, new players might have little or no knowledge about this games selection. You got no worries, we‘ve got you covered with these outstanding games. Let’s get right into it!

CSGO Coinflip

CSGO Coinflip is one of the typical fun games found on most crash gambling sites. Besides, it has been one of the oldest games to bets throughout history. One feature that attracts many players to this game is free coins to wager on once you sign up on any CSGO coinflip sites.

Besides, you can deposit any payment method. Likewise, you can gamble with your VGO skins, coins, or any money.  You get a winning chance right at a 50%. Players can either win skins or other prizes.

This game requires two players. You need to navigate through the game, challenge a member in the game and pick either the head or tails of the coin. Then select the Counter-Strike you want to wager with. 

Be aware that a coin will be tossed and will land on any symbols. But the winners will keep what they wagered and also receive all their opponent bets.

CSGO Skin Gambling

Another fantastic game to enjoy on the CSGO crash sites is skin gambling.  It has become one of the best and most popular CSGO betting games on the bunch today. Skin Gambling involves using virtual goods with value to wage on matches outcome or other games of chance. Most players who engage in this type of game are called CSCO skin gamblers.

Skin withdraw on CSGORoll

Gamblers can use any popular skin of their choice to bet on the outright winner of the tournament while the game is on. It doesn’t stop there! You can use a gut knife or other items as a currency to bet on the luck of any best CSGO teams.  

Many CSGO Skin Gambling sites allow you to deposit and buy coins with real money. Once there is a coin on your account, use them as a token and gamble on the site. 

To withdraw funds from the game is easy. Just use your cash to buy skins from the CSGO crash, and you’ll get a trade with your skin choice.

CSGO Jackpot

CSGO Jackpot is also a fun and excellent crash gambling. There are two types of CSGO jackpot, including Coin Jackpot and Skin Jackpot. Note that the skin jackpot existed before the valve proposes a 7-day hold on all traded goods. This update crashes most skin jackpot sites. Then, they developed the Coin Jackpot, which most gamblers across the world have widely used.

CSGO jackpot battle on csgoempire

Many users opt-in for this game because players can deposit low VGO skins and still win big. It means that your deposit doesn’t determine who wins. But, the more money to put in the pot can give you a higher chance of winning. Besides, players can choose the skins, coin on money to deposit on the jackpot, and win.

Jackpot involves depositing your skins and getting the value by coins. This jackpot game starts when every player loads their VGO skins into the pot and clicks to bet. But whoever has a higher percentage wins the pot.

CSGO Betting

This is a famous eSports betting game. Kudos to CSGO for coming up with this game. CSGO betting is one of the most straightforward games for all occasional gamers.  With just a small stake, you have chances of making a high profit. Meanwhile, the most popular cash gambling markets are match odds and outright winner odds.

Betting in the outright winner odds only needs you to stake on the team you think will win the tournament. The game gives players a chance to get familiar with a particular group and follow up. CSGO crash gambling outright winner odds are made explicitly for major tournaments where teams compete for a purse of enormous cash.

esports betting interface on stake casino

You only need to bet on a particular team you think will win a specific match for match odds. You can as well stake on different teams for different competitions. At the end of the game, you get to win your bet if the team you supported wins.

Players can also bet on individual rounds, otherwise known as CSGO Map Betting. With this map, you can change the odds per round. Meanwhile, you can also bet on correct scores, but the chances of winning are slim.

CSGO Roulette

Roulette is a casino game dated back to the 17thcentury. But, it did not become popular until 2012. Just like other crash betting games such as, coinflip and jackpots, roulette becomes part of CSGO games. To crown it all, it is one of the most advanced crash games for all punters.

Playing this game becomes a piece of cake as long as you’re above 18 years.  All you need to do is sign up to one of the best CSGO roulette sites.  You can choose to bet on roulette with trophies, VGO skins, regular CSGO crash gambling skins, and many more. If you don’t want to use these skins, you can deposit on the site through different services such as GameMoney and others.

Roobet Roulette screenshot of the gameplay

However, to play CSGO roulette, you need a game plan such as a Martingale Roulette System, D’Alembert Roulette, or Reverse Martingale. Pick the one that best fits your taste.

CSGO Trading

CSGO Trading is a more specific alternative. The games played on CSGO crash sites are through skins or coins. Also, the winnings are available in skins.  

Choosing a site to trust and trade with becomes a daunting project. That’s because various scam sites engage in skin trading. However, CSGO provides this stable and reliable option on their platforms to ensure honest trading means.

With this offer, players tend to buy and sell skins securely. Also, they exchange their CSGO Skins with other users. CSGO provides this means to allow users to trade without any fear or difficulties.

Doing this is easy, login to the site and select a CSGO game, then select items or skins you want to trade.  So, you can get more CSGO crash items and real money from the CSGO trading sites. However, before you start your trading process, make sure your account is eligible for trading.

Play Responsibly

Leave it or take it! Betting comes with much fun and entertainment. But while playing different games on the sites, you need to be careful. Regardless of the amount you spend on the games, there is always a chance to lose. Consequently, there’s no refund on most of the games. So you don’t need to break up your bank playing bet.

To be on the safer side, you need to spend moderately. Ensure you have a particular budget to stay within. It will prevent you from spending more than enough.

Likewise,  it is advisable not to use third-party funds to play crash betting games to prevent you from running a debt when you lose.   

The mistake most punters make is playing games for money and not for fun. At the same time, the core goal of gambling is excitement. Once there’s no feeling of that again, this is a sign for you to stop.

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